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The Story of My Arrest & Detainment

Police strangled me, punched me in head, manhandled me

by Lacy MacAuley

I was violently arrested, then assaulted once I was thrown in an unmarked van with four thugs (who may have been plain-clothes officers). Photo appeared in New York Times, 06/27/2010.
I was violently arrested, then assaulted once I was thrown in an unmarked van with four thugs (who may have been plain-clothes officers). Photo appeared in New York Times, 06/27/2010.

The photos of my arrest during the Toronto G20 summit show a small blond lady with purple stockings getting thrown around by police as I was tossed head-first into an unmarked van. These photos have appeared on the front page of the Toronto Star, in the New York Times, and in other newspapers. Footage of the arrest has appeared on CNN and other news outlets such as CBC. My name is Lacy MacAuley, and this is the story of my arrest, including my being violently assaulted, strangled, and punched while riding into the police station in the back of the van.
I arrived at the site of the peaceful jail solidarity rally, just outside the Prisoner Processing Center (PCC) at about 11:30 AM, Sunday, June 27, with two friends from Washington DC, organizer Robby Diesu and Geoff Millard of Iraq Veterans Against the War. I smiled as we walked up to the rally: There under a breathtaking blue sky, a young man was strumming an electric bass and leading a musical chant, "So so so, solidarity!" People were smiling and cheering as two people were released from jail (I understand at least two were released before I arrived), and I used my iPhone to send messages to Twitter about the cheerful rally, with photos attached.
I had come to Toronto from Washington DC to protest the G20 by helping to write about and photograph events that question and deconstruct the G20’s authority. The G20 is a government superstructure with even more power than any individual country, which has been pursuing corrupt bailout policies for banks, corporations and the International Monetary Fund, while allowing citizens to starve. Its “open market” or “free trade” policies only help to concentrate wealth in fewer and fewer hands, and allow corporations to destroy the environment, subjugate civil liberties, and strip away a country’s national sovereignty. The G20 is bad for most of us on earth, not to mention our children and grandchildren. I have a BA in International Relations with a minor in World Development Studies, but it doesn’t take special expertise to realize that something is fundamentally wrong with a tiny cartel of wealthy leaders who are taking money from corporations for funding running the way our civilization is designed. It is all of our duty to resist oppression and make the world a better place. That’s why I was in Toronto, and I did not damage anyone or anything while there.
I was standing in the crowd about fifteen feet from the bass player when suddenly, with no warning and no provocation, police charged into the crowd and tackled a young man near the front. Some in the crowd at the rally began screaming and running backwards, while many remained calm and shouted to the police to let the young man go. I began taking photos with my iPhone of the violent arrest.
Then I looked up to see the police charging for me, closing in from only about seven feet away. I knew that to resist arrest would be a serious offense, thanks to years of training in nonviolence, so I did not resist. The police then tackled me and pushed me to the ground. I was able to put my left arm down to buffer my fall onto the pavement. Then one uniformed officer grabbed me around the waist, pulling me back to the dark blue side of the police line and throwing me face-down on the pavement. As he threw me my arms were being twisted behind my back. I was able to angle my right shoulder toward the pavement so that I did not hit the pavement with my face. Apparently my friend Robby was attempting to run forward through the crowd to perform a heroic act that would save me, but was being restrained by my friend Geoff, who feared that Robby would wind up arrested himself if he did anything.
As this was happening, I was shouting in a voice that was firm and loud but not frantic, "You have to let me go. Please, you have to let me go. I've done nothing wrong." I had been focusing on holding onto my iPhone with a death grip because I knew that if I dropped it at this point, behind the police line, I might never see it again. Now, as I was laying face-down behind the line, my phone was aggressively pulled out of my hand. One officer kneeled on my head as hand cuffs were placed on me, leaning hard with all his weight on the left side of my head as my right cheek was driven into the pavement. The pain was immense and overwhelming. I told him to take his knee off my head. A second officer on the other side was also kneeling on my back.
As all of this was occurring, international and national press was taking photos and video, images which were broadcast across the globe.
At that point at least two officers yanked me up, including a thug, who may have been a plain-clothes officer, and was a black male wearing a black T-shirt with curvy print on it, about 6'3, perhaps 250 lbs. Photos of this man show a muscular, powerful frame. For the sake of this write-up, I will call this person "Thug A." I later learned that this thug or one of the other thugs may have been named Officer Antonie. Several other thugs, who may have been plain-clothes police, were present. One of them was a tall black man wearing plaid shorts and a white T-shirt, who also may have been a plain-clothes officer. For the sake of this write-up, I will call this person “Thug B.”
Please note that none of my attackers ever identified himself as a police officer. They were wearing plain clothes and were driving an unmarked vehicle that looked like a standard soccer-mom minivan. I have no qualms calling my attackers thugs. They never gave me any indication that they were anything but thugs.
I was yanked in an aggressive fashion toward a blue unmarked van. The door was open and the middle seat of the van was folded down. Thug B climbed into the back of the vehicle just before I was flung toward the open door. As I was tossed toward the open door of the vehicle, my right knee hit something which I believe was the edge of the van (the metal lip of the door step). I was pulled into the vehicle, with Thug A roughly pulling my legs into the vehicle.
As I was pulled into the van, another thug, who may have been a plain-clothes officer, was sitting in the driver’s seat of the van. For the sake of this write-up, I will call the person sitting in the driver’s seat “Thug C.” While I was being pulled into the vehicle, Thug C reached back with his right hand and took hold of my neck. Thug C was white with brown hair and a beard and was wearing a black T-shirt and black baseball cap.
As the van began moving and the door to the van closed, the two thugs in the back seat pulled me around so that I was laying face up with my head almost in between the passenger and driver seat. As they were doing so, Thug A was punching me in the stomach, just hard enough to shock someone who is delicate but not hard enough to harm me. As they punched me and turned me over, they said statements such as “stop struggling,” and “stop punching.” (Again, my hands were cuffed.) I immediately realized that they may be making such completely erroneous statements because we were being recorded, and I loudly stated “I’m not struggling,” and/or “I am not resisting arrest.”
Thug A sat on top of me over my pelvic area. My handcuffs were digging into my wrists. My only goal was to live through the experience without losing my humanity, my spirit, or my presence of mind, to find out where I was being taken, and to find out as much as I could about these thugs, whether they were officers or some sort of private contractors, i.e. paramilitary groups.
Thug B then squeezed my throat with his right hand, digging his thumb deeply into my carotid artery area, on the right side of my throat. He held this for perhaps ten seconds, as Thug A stepped on me, re-adjusting himself overtop of me. I almost passed out at that point as the carotid artery is the chief artery that supplies blood to the brain. At some point during or before this strangulation, I wet myself. Urine seeped into and through my clothing. Darkness almost overtook me, but I held on and I did not lose consciousness.
During this whole time the thugs were calling me names such as: “cunt,” “bitch,” “whore,” and “street trash.” A constant barrage of their statements were phrases such as “Look at this street whore.” In addition, Thug A was making statements such as, “So you think you can smash up Toronto? Think again, you dirty bitch.”
When I did not lose consciousness from choking, Thug B punched the right side of my head with his left fist. This was done at least once, and may have been repeated. I did not lose consciousness, but I began telling them, “I am a good person. I don’t know why you are doing this to me. I did not harm anything or anyone.”
As I was saying this, Thug A, who had been sitting on top of me, began patting around my skirt. “Why is she wet?” he yelled. Thug B replied that I had “pissed” on myself. Thug A then expressed disgust and began calling me horrible names, and deriding me for “pissing on him.” He stopped sitting on my pelvic area and moved further down my legs.
During a large part of this assault, Thug C was reaching back from the driver’s seat and pulling my hair very hard, harder than it has ever been pulled. A man in a turquoise-colored shirt was sitting in the passenger seat of the van. For the sake of this write-up, I will call this person “Thug D.”
I may be small but I am not weak, and I remained present of mind. I was focused on reminding myself that my attackers were human beings who had made perhaps an entire life’s worth of bad choices that led them to this point. All of my attackers were likely abused in some way as children, and had likely made choices born of fear. I, on the other hand, am making choices born of love to protect and serve future generations by giving voice to those who question the G20, its polices, and its dominant malevolent philosophies. It is my good choices which brought me here, protesting the G20 even at the expense of my personal safety, because protesting oppression is the right thing to do. It was poor choices, likely born of the disempowered notion that one has to “just do their job,” even if it is something malevolent and wrong, that led my attackers to that point in time. There are better choices out there, and I never bar the potential that people can and do change. I drew upon the fact that there were so many others just outside and inside the jail who believe that love should guide our actions, not fear, and the strength of my people carried my hope.
They roughly turned me over face down. We were quite obviously taking the short ride around the block to the entrance to the jai. At some point before we reached the building, the thugs stopped the car in an area that appeared to be a parking lot. Both thugs in the back seat got out. I tried to turn my head to the right to see what Thug A was doing, but Thug A took his fist and brandished it about an inch from my face, saying, “Keep your head down. If you move, this goes into your nose.” I kept my face down toward the gray van carpet.
Thug A got back into the vehicle, but Thugs B and D must have left. Thug B was still driving. I remained where I was and asked where they were taking me. Thug A said, “We haven’t driven very far. Where do you think, you dumb bitch?” Thug A continued verbally insulting me as the van pulled into the PCC.
As I the doors opened to the vehicle, many other uniformed officers were visible in the giant prisoner intake room. I began loudly orating that I had just been assaulted. The uniformed officer who had initially grabbed me, whose face was with mine on all the front pages of the Toronto Star on Monday, June 28, came and sat in the front seat. He asked Thug A who the arresting officers were, asking “me and you?” I gave them a moment to agree on who the arresting officers were, and demanded to know their names and badge numbers. Thug A said, “My badge number will be on the paperwork.” I demanded perhaps five more times of both of them, but neither one would tell me.
There were several senior-looking uniformed police officers standing nearby, and I proceeded to orate about how these officers had assaulted me, and that there were some bad, bad police officers working in this department, and that this officer here was one of them. Thug A only complained to the officers that I had “pissed” on him. He asked whether I had “any diseases that he had to worry about.” Regardless of the arrogant tone of his question, I thought it was a fair question, and I answered him that I didn’t have any diseases I was aware of. I asked him whether he had children, and whether he would like it if they were mistreated for simply taking a photo at a demonstration. I told him that he was a very bad person, and repeated that I am a good person, I’ve done nothing wrong, and I have harmed nothing and nobody.
They can choke me and beat me. They can break my bones. But they will never break my will or my spirit. All of us who are put into police custody must remember that theirs is an illegitimate source of power, but that we draw our power from Mother Earth and from the love in our hearts, which is a stronger power that will overcome their guns and their fear.
The human rights abuses did not end when I reached the jail. I joined 900 of my fellow activists in confinement that everyone regarded as unjust. I thought of my friends Robby and Geoff on the outside. Would they know how to find me? What I didn’t know is that a friend of mine from Washington DC who is an AP reporter had already seen the first photos of my arrest, and by 12:20 PM had already notified my colleague Sarah Massey in DC. Sarah contacted friends and family and spread the word of my arrest in Toronto. Within an hour after my arrest, the people I love were ready to come to my aid. How long would it take for them to be able to spring me from jail?
The metal handcuffs had been taken off, and plastic zip-tie handcuffs were placed on me. I was booked in Stage 1 processing at the PCC at about 12:30 PM. The cell was a cold, cement bloc. I had orated so loudly about what had just happened to me that almost everyone in the large intake room could hear me. The court officer attending to my cell came over to provide me with toilet paper so that I could clean up. After a short time, many other women came into the cell with me, almost 15. There was very little water being offered.
I was processed to Stage 2, which involved talking to a processing officer about my charges.
I was completely shocked to hear that my charge was “assault of a police officer.” I made sure everyone knew that it was I who was assaulted, and exactly how I was assaulted. I made sure to note my exact injuries. It was at that time I was able to glance down at my paperwork and notice that one of my two arresting officers was “Officer Antonie.”
After I spoke to the initial intake person who made sure I was aware of my charges, they brought me to a separate room for an illegal strip search. The female officers who were processing me illegally strip-searched me and made me take off all of my clothing and without even allowing me to clean myself up first from having wet myself while being choked. They were however able to give me new pants to wear, which was handy.
I asked them if I could be brought to the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) to get my bruises, etc, looked at. They complied and brought me straight from Stage 2 processing to the EMS. EMS personnel documented my injuries, which included: a gash on the right knee which made it painful to bend my knee all the way; a sore neck from being choked, especially where Thug B had driven his thumb into my artery; a tender spot on the side of my head, near my right ear, from being punched; welts on my right shoulder and arm from being tossed onto the pavement; and scratches on my back and right shoulder blade from being dragged along the pavement.
I denied pain medication because I wanted to be sure that I remained present of mind throughout the remainder of my processing. I did take an ice pack for my knee and extra water, because I feared that I would not get any more from any of the police.
I was put into a holding cell with women who had been arrested the previous night at the Novatel Hotel, none of whom had yet been permitted to see a lawyer or make a phone call. The cell was in the Stage 3 processing area, and was the exact same as the other cells, with cold concrete floors, one metal bench.
A few hours went by and we were given cheese sandwiches. The calorie provision of such a sandwich is very low, perhaps 400 calories at the most. It leaves a person quite hungry.
Needless to say, rounding up peaceful protestors, denying them basic fundamentals of humanity such as food and water, and denying them any contact with the outside world, is usually something that you hear of oppressive regimes doing, not a friendly, rich country like Canada.
I was the first one who was brought anywhere beyond that cell. Officers were wandering around looking for prisoners who they had “lost” in the system. They were wandering, wandering, and asking for the same person over and over.
I was called to speak with a detective, Detective F. Skubic. I was told again that my charges were “assault of a police officer.” I told the detective that this was 200 percent incorrect, that I had been assaulted. The detective responded with indifference, and referred me to the complaints process for complaining about an officer.
I told him that I believe that the details of my assault are a material part of my defense in proving that I did not assault a police officer. I told him that I wanted to make a video statement about what happened to me. He said, sure, I could make a video statement, but first, I should talk to a lawyer. Also, he said, because I am a US citizen, I should call my consulate. The detective gave me the phone number for the US consulate, a paper about applying for legal aid as an Ontarian (which doesn’t apply to me), and a “Notice to Accused Persons Appearing in Toronto Courts” (which was also given to me upon my release).
I was brought straight out to call my consulate. The consulate was not very helpful. I told her about my assault. The only thing that the consulate representative, Jennifer, did was take down my name, home address, and phone number. She was astounded that I did not have a phone number that I could currently be reached at. At that point I had not seen a lawyer and I was not aware that I would need to go through a long process of posting bail, or I would have asked that she call my parents in Washington DC about posting bail, and look up a few phone numbers for me in order to make arrangements. But I was still hopeful that I would be simply released without any charges. Why? Because it’s simply preposterous that I had assaulted the four burly thugs/officers in the van, and I knew that I had not assaulted anyone. It is against my personal ethics to harm another human being.
I was brought into the cell for just a moment and brought out again to talk to the duty counsel, or court-appointed lawyer. When I walked in, the lawyer instantly recognized me and said, “You’ve been all over the news.” She said that she had seen me on CBC getting thrown into the van. She told me of the proper procedure, and called the G8/G20 Toronto Community Mobilization number for me. The TCM simply logged my name and case, and had a brief discussion with the duty counsel about whether I could pay bail, but we did not begin to work out details regarding my bail.
It is worth noting that, as I went in and out of my cell, I saw a girl who was 17 years old. She was in a cell alone, unable to see anyone but police and prisoners walking back and forth. As I walked by her again and again, I smiled at her to offer her a little comfort, because she looked very distraught. The last time that I walked by her she was crying. Not long after that, another cellmate was walked back to the cell after visiting the EMS to get her prescription medication. She said the girl was still crying. We talked to the court officer, who was walking back and forth, to ask that the girl be put in the cell with us so that we could offer her a friendly voice to talk to and people to support her. However, the court officer insisted that we remain separate for the underage girl’s “safety.”
I was never, never allowed to make my one phone call in the time that I was detained. I was able to exercise my right to call the US Consulate, but if I had been allowed to make my one phone call I would have been able to arrange for bail. That did not happen.
Finally, at some point later in the evening, I was brought back to the detective’s office. I had told Detective Skubic earlier that day that I wished to make a statement on camera about my assault that would be entered into my case file. I was met by Detective S. Pryer, Badge #3065, an older man with graying hair and a small paunch on the midriff. Detective Pryer sat me down and said that I had wished to make a statement. I told him that Detective Skubic had said he would take my statement, yes. At that point Detective Pryer took out his phone and called Detective Skubic. The voice on the other end was loud enough for me to hear: “I don’t really know if it’s necessary. It’s obvious she’s an activist.”
Obvious that I’m an activist? I thought. This is the kind of treatment that Nazi Germany gave activists. Just because I am politically active and publicly critical of various economic policies, to include the G20’s policies, corporate culture, and polluters, does not mean that I should be discriminated against in a criminal investigation by the very detectives who are collecting evidence in that investigation. I was astounded.
Detective Pryer got off the phone and told me that he could take my statement right now. I asked him why I was not being allowed to make a statement about my assault on video tape. He said that they weren’t taking video at that time, and that I could submit a complaint about the officers who assaulted me. The complaint, as I had learned, is an internal police department process which allows the police department to simply give the officers a slap on the wrist, if they do anything at all. I want to be sure that I am submitting something in a court of law. Of course, a detective who works for the police department is going to try to bar me from letting me bring information about my assault into a court of law, so I was being denied my statement.
I gave my statement verbally to Detective Pryer, with all of the details about my assault. He took notes and said that his notes could be subpoenaed by my attorney to be used in court. I made sure that he wrote down the more potent elements of my assault, such as the choking and being hit in the head. It was clear to me that Detective Pryer has lost his way ethically, and I do hope that he does not destroy his notes or something else.
Not long after that, I was brought out to Stage 4 processing. I was “live scanned,” meaning my fingerprints were taken using a special machine that was on loan from another agency, according to the officer taking my fingerprints. I answered another round of questions including my name, age, height, weight, etc. Then they put me into solitary confinement. All I could see were the police officers who walked back and forth.
While in solitary confinement, I took the opportunity to meditate. I sat down and went deep within myself, feeling the depths of my spirit like the warm center of the earth. I sang some of my favorite meditative songs: “Let the beauty you love be what you do, there are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground,” a Rumi quote, and the love-imparting song that I like to sing to the people (and plants and animals) that I love: “You are a thing of beauty. You are a child of earth. You’re made of sacred starlight. Don’t forget how much you’re worth.” At this point, I broke into tears of appreciation. Getting your freedom taken away from you makes you appreciate just how bountiful and abundant the universe is! It is truly a blessed world that we are all living in, if we just open up our hearts and minds enough to feel it. Oppressive institutions like the G20 and the police don’t want you to know your own strength, but we all draw from a deep, flowing well of power and beauty, if we will only have the strength to drink the potency of the beauty all around us.
After meditating I was feeling wonderful, but I was also developing a headache. This prompted me to wonder if perhaps I was actually experiencing a concussion due to being hit in the side of the head. (One of the symptoms of a concussion is hallucinations. Another is an actual headache.) I told the court officer that I was worried that I was in danger of having a concussion. I also was having increased pain in my neck on the right side, and it was swelling larger and larger. At length, I flagged down the court officer and went back to EMS to talk to them about these symptoms. The wonderful EMS personnel took note of my symptoms, and said that I did not contain one of the more important signs of a concussion: An elevated heart rate. Thank the gods! They took note of my other symptoms, and gave me some Tylenol for the headache, and a lot more water. Then it was back to my cell.
I spent a long, sleepless night in the cell. I was unable to sleep at all on the freezing cold of the cement floor, and was forced to sleep on the floor on the corner of the porto-john (after inspecting it and wiping it down thoroughly with most of the toilet paper available to me), which was made of plastic and slightly more insulating.
It is a ludicrously dehumanizing act to force human beings to sleep in a porto-john just to keep warm. If they were going to arrest so many people, how could they not have had sweatshirts and T-shirts for people? I think their excuse will be negligence. However, ensuring that people are warm is a basic function of caring for prisoners. I don’t buy the notion that it was accidental. I believe that they purposely did not give us enough warmth, to try to quell our enthusiasm and our spirits.
In the morning, I was in the very first wagon of people transported to the courthouse at 2201 Finch Street in Toronto, in a vehicle with one other woman who was arrested at the jail solidarity rally like I was. I arrived at the courthouse at 9:30 AM and was given yet another cheese sandwich for breakfast. I then was taken to see my duty counsel, Susan. I gave Susan a lot of information about my case, including my parents’ phone number to ask them about coming up with bail money. I gave Susan the address of John Valleau, with whom I was staying in Toronto, so that they could work out the details.
The woman I had been transported with had a very attentive duty counsel, and contacted the woman’s family members right away. At some point at about 5:00 PM, she was released!
I waited all day in that jail, meeting the other amazing women who were also imprisoned for no good reason. As the day wore on, I wondered why, why, why I was being left to rot in a jail cell while the court was open. It became obvious to all of us that the court was not seeing many cases. The officers were doing way too much standing around and chit-chatting, and not actually working. At one point they were all sharing popsicles, and then poutine. One of the groups of officers, who had also been working at the PCC, actually chatted with the women in our cell for about half an hour. Why weren’t they working?
Two cheese sandwiches later, at about 6 PM, I was finally brought to the courtroom. I met with a duty counsel, whose name I do not remember. He was unaware of the fact that I had met with the duty counsel Susan earlier in the day. I gave him the phone number of my parents and the address of John Valleau again. I learned from the judge that the bail was $1500. I know that it is steep, but I thought my parents would be willing to pay it. It had to be high, according to the counsel, because I am a US person and pose a flight risk. They had to find a way to get this money to the courtroom. I was confident that if my parents only got in touch with folks on the ground in Toronto, they could work out the details. Again, I had not gotten my phone call so I couldn’t work out these details myself.
I did not know it at the time, but Susan had, in fact, contacted my parents. They hadn’t known the bail amount but had indicated a willingness to pay it. In the meantime my friends Robby and Geoff had gotten in touch with my parents through Facebook, and had been camped outside the jail, and then the courtroom. The actual bail amount had not been set until 6 PM. Starting as soon as they received word from my parents, Robby and Geoff had been driving their rental van around Toronto searching for an open Western Union center so that my parents could transfer the $1,500 in funds. Due to the lateness of the bail being set, they were having extreme difficulty making the transfer happen.
At about 8:30 PM, I was brought back to the court. I had a new duty counsel, who said that he was aware that my parents and parties in Toronto were trying to make arrangements for getting bail paid. He said that he would try to call the parties again to see what arrangements could be made. The judge indicated that they would wait and hold my case and give my parents and parties involved more time tonight to work out the situation, and genuinely seemed that she wanted me to get out tonight. I was very hopeful that I might be out that night!
I went back to my cell and waited on egg shells. Prisoners were being rushed in and out of their cells. After a day of lounging police at the jail, the police were actually working, and so were the courts. Finally, at about 11:00 PM, I was called back into the courtroom. The judge was looking very weary, as was the courtroom staff.
The judge indicated that she and other courtrooms had been waiting fairly idle for the early part of the day, while police had not rounded up prisoners and gotten organized enough to actually allow the courtrooms to hear cases. She indicated that they would get rolling at 9 AM sharp, and gave me an appointment to appear at 9 AM sharp, as well as another woman, Rachel, who was on a similar track as I was in that moment. She closed the cases for the evening.
We went back to our cells. It was now almost midnight, but we got word from the court police that we would be transferred to another facility, either back to the PCC or to a new facility, the Vanier womens prison. After a chat with my cellmates, I fell asleep on the freezing cold concrete bench.
When I awoke many of my cellmates were being transferred out of our cell. I wasn’t sure whether they were going, and neither were they. Three of us were left in this cell in the almost-empty jail. It had turned so cold that we huddled for warmth, and then went back to sleep on the cold concrete.
It was about 2:30 AM or 3:00 AM in the morning when the remaining prisoners from the courtroom were rounded up and put on a wagon. After a very chilly 30-minute drive, we arrived at Vanier, in Milton, Ontario. We were thrown into exactly the same type of cell that we had had before. Over the course of the next hour or hour and a half, we were processed.
Processing at Vanier involved odd questions nestled in with simple ones such as “What is your eye color?” I was grilled about whether I had ever attempted suicide and whether I would attempt it here at the facility. (I have not and would never do such a thing. A moment long enough just to hear a sparrow’s song is worth living for!) I was then subjected to an illegal strip search again, and given new spiffy green sweats, which were quite a bit warmer than anything anyone had been wearing, and a pair of sneakers.
By the time this was all said and done, it was about 4:30 AM. We had a few brief moments to get a little bit of sleep, again on cold concrete. I did so. We were awoken at about 7:00 AM, shuffled into the next room, and given breakfast. This was much better food: Cereal, milk, juice, and two pieces of bread or a bagel with jam. We also had instant coffee packets. I had been so caffeine deprived that I quickly made a shoddy caffeine mixture with the coffee packet and the milk packet.
Then 20 women were taken for the transport, not including me or Rachel. This was frustrating as our court appearance time was 9:00 AM sharp. I asked the driver of the transport when the next one would return. He said that they would return with exactly the same wagon, which could take up to an hour and half. By this time it was just after 7:30 AM. I told the driver that my court appearance was at 9:00 AM, and he said that it would be fine to go a bit later. Again, I was very frustrated, but I thanked him for the information. Couldn’t they find a second police wagon to accommodate us and the court’s schedule?
At about 10:00 AM, the transport got back. The remaining prisoners, including me, were brought to the prison and put in a cell.
At about 12:00 PM, Rachel and I were brought into the courtroom. Each of us had new counsel. Someone in the audience who looked like an activist darted out of the courtroom. I was the first case up. The counsel told me that the money had been secured and that, again, people in Toronto were attempting to get that money to the courthouse. This was the same story as last night, but I was still optimistic. While my case was being heard, Amy Miller, the close friend of Rachel, had quickly entered the courtroom. Activists were going from room to room, silently notifying each other of which courtroom their friends and family members were in.
The judge moved onto Rachel’s case. As her case was heard, I saw two people enter the courtroom out of the corner of my eye. I looked over to see none other than my friends Robby and Geoff. My heart leapt out of my chest, and tears came to my eyes as we waved hello. I was reminded by the police escorts sitting next to me that if we spoke with members of the audience, we would be thrown out of court.
Rachel’s case was heard. She also is being held on a ridiculous charge that she is resolutely not guilty of. She was able to voice that neither she nor I had received a phone call. She was given the opportunity to be released on cash bail of $500.
The court turned back to me. My counsel had not noticed Robby or Geoff, and did not know that they were attached to me. Neither Robby nor Geoff had had a way to find my counsel prior to this moment, either, and they were not permitted to speak to her in court. My counsel began to state the familiar refrain, “Well, it would seem that we’re still waiting on Ms. MacAuley’s bail money to find its way to the court…”
The judge began to point out to the counsel that there may be a few people in the courtroom who may know me.
I was not allowed to speak out in court to anyone but my counsel, so how could I facilitate the communication that needed to happen? I called my counsel over to the little slit in the window to speak. In a voice that was loud enough for everyone in the room to hear, I said:
“I just wanted to point you to two people in the audience who I believe may be willing to assist me in getting bail money to the courthouse –“
As I said this, Robby smiled and held up an envelope. Robby and Geoff the superheroes!
“In fact,” I told my counsel, smiling, “I believe they have my bail money right now!”
My case was heard. Apparently I am charged with “assault of a police officer” that allegedly occurred on Sunday, June 27, just prior to my assault and arrest. The evidence will show that this is not the case. Strangely, the case against me mentions my Twitter page, which contains updates from Saturday’s march, including broken windows and burning police cars. Again, I have not harmed anything or anyone. The charge could not be more false.
I was released on bail. So was Rachel. We were brought back to our cell.
The clerks still had to type up our release papers. It was several hours and one cheese sandwich before that was done. Finally officers came to get us, and walked us outside.
When I was released, the sunlight was absolutely incredible and soul-cleansing. Hugging Robby and Geoff was like hugging angels.
We still had to drive all the way to Milton, Ontario, back to the Vanier prison to get my possessions, which was difficult in rush-hour traffic. They were all there, except for my iPhone. My iPhone may have been held as evidence against me. I have not been able to reach the Toronto Police Department to determine if they have it in their possession.
This experience has taught me this: Our wills are stronger than their guns, their bars, or their handcuffs. The inhumane jailing of 900 persons only helps build the movement that will overtake them and dismantle their systems of oppression, so that the people can build a better world.

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Oh my gosh, Lacy I am a

Oh my gosh, Lacy I am a stranger but I was at Eastern and I saw you get taken away and it was sooo scary and awful I have been wondering about what happened to you ever since. I knew it would be bad, but this is so much worse than I imagined.... You are so strong and amazing and you will get through this shining as brightly as ever. What they did to you is so sickening and disgustingly wrong.

These allegations, though disturbing, are unproven

It is important to recall that significant portions of this story, though harrowing, are one unverified side of a story.  This may be true in its entirety or not.  Who among us knows for sure? 

PW, I fart in your general

PW, I fart in your general direction

"has not been proven"

PW, it also has not been proven that you are actually a member of the human race

just sayin

Typical communist tactic -

Typical communist tactic - dehumanisation of anyone not on board with the glorious revolution. To the GULAG with him!

lots of video

There are tons of videos out there depicting these types of incounters. No doubt it was a psycho field day for the cops.

what a beautiful story

I'm sorry this happened to you.  It was wrong, you deserve the best.  Thanks for being here.  We won't stop fighting.  You lightened my spirit that had become heavy.


What a sad yet amazing story.  Your strength is admirable.  I believe this video documents the moments leading up to your arrest.

Thank you for sharing your

Thank you for sharing your story. As a first Nations person, a lot of people refuse to believe this kind of brutality and violence happens to those of us who stand up for what we believe in. I hope more people come forward and hold these people accountable for what they did to you and others. Keep the stories alive so it all doesn't get swept under the rug. May your spirit heal and become stronger.

I was there

I was one of the Medics on site when you were grabbed. Your two friends had just donated food and drinks and we had a chat. I am sorry we could not help you or any of the others attacked that day. The riot cops had all our medical gear and the food. I had not been shot at in a while but the scene got even worse after you were taken.

Amazing story

Those G meetings just unleash the worst in local police. One of them happened a few years ago in Guadalajara, Mexico, and the government had sent provocataurs to start a riot to arrest legitimate protestors. But those are the stories that I except from Mexico. That this happened to you in Canada is so outrageous.

The way you conducted yourself is admirable and inspiring. You are a good example for many people. Thanks for sharing this story, and highlighting this unexcusable behavior from Toronto's police.



You are awe inspiring and truly worthy of honor. Nothing but love to you and yours. 

I'm glad you're okay.

 I've been worried about your safety ever since I saw the video of you being kidnapped. 

I am disgusted with the way you and others were treated and I will keep speaking out about it until something is done and justice is served. 

Keep hanging in there <3


 "Throughout history, it has been the inaction of those who could have acted; the indifference of those who should have known better; the silence of the voice of justice when it mattered most; that has made it possible for evil to triumph."

- Haile Selassie


It's become a Fight for Right(s). This is neither a new fight, nor one which remains unwinnable; it is a fight for us all because we have all lost the same things - Human Rights. The problem in the past was that only the downtrodden / enlightened knew this was happening. 

My grandfather died for those rights, and I remember my other grandfather asking me to promise to remember the price paid for them. I cherish those rights, and will die before I see them squandered in the name of so-called national security, G20, G8, 420, or any other. 

Those rights are not to be peddled, suspended, revoked, re-classed, recalibrated, or ever F*CKED WITH. Anyone who does so, so does at their great peril because I am not alone in my sentiments. I don't care if it's Adolf Hitler, or Steven Harper - if something doesn't give, something is going to snap. Reality will be harsh. Let us hope that the courts will soon decide.

"Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity." 
- Martin Luther King, Jr.

The whores and hypocrites don't fear the state's forces - they fear the freedom fighters - in fact Canadians permitted their jailing for just that reason - in the name of freedom / security. (Seems like doublespeak to me)...

“I can’t imagine how (police) could not have known that what they were doing is unlawful, I’m shocked at what seems to have been a wholesale decision on the part of the police to abandon the Charter.”
- Jonathan Dawe (a Canadian criminal lawyer)

“Standing on the sidewalk and exercising your constitutional rights is not a breach of the peace.”
- Paul Calarco (a Canadian criminal lawyer)
[See more from: "Joint Lawsuit Planned for G20 Arrestees" at:]

Apparently some fools still can realize that Canadians will not tolerate a fascist state any more than we tolerate suspensions in respect of our rights. Enough IS enough.

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it."
- J. Goebbels 
"...The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”


"Needless to say, rounding up

"Needless to say, rounding up peaceful protestors, denying them basic fundamentals of humanity such as food and water, and denying them any contact with the outside world, is usually something that you hear of oppressive regimes doing, not a friendly, rich country like Canada."


Newsflash: Canada is and has been an oppressive regime since its inception. This is a small taste of the facist underbelly of the beast. I don't see why everyone is so surprised.

Hi Lacy..what happened to you

Hi Lacy..what happened to you was horrible, I wasent there but I have been doing alot of reading on everything that went down and am horrified to thinks that these cops that are to be protecting our comminities could be that harsh.  I can honestly say that Im ashames to have any respect for the Toronto Police department :(

I hope everything works out for you and that justice is seen for you and many more of the innocent people that were abused.

another video of the arrest

another video of the arrest on CP24

Your Arrest

That is terrible what they did to you and others. How can we fight back. Now I dislike and distrust the police and the government even more. They aren't working or protecting me or you, just there pay cheques or there power hungrey selves.

A gang of THUGS.

Keep up your fight. I never saw the video or news picture of your arrest. Where could I find that??

She also discribed one of her

She also discribed one of her attackers as being white...did you have a problem with that too? Or only when she discribed two of them as being black? My guess is she's trying to get as much information out about who attacked her in the hopes that some one may recognize them...

Glad you're OK but...

I am truly glad that you are OK and home safe, but I'm wondering why you found it necessary to describe two of the officers involved as being "black"?  What is the significance of that?  I empathized with you up until that point.


She is pointing it out because they were. Not a reason why they had done something.

If there is an investigation, or people who were amungst the police might be able to identify the people who assulted her.

 Would she say they were

 Would she say they were white if they were white LOL!

She did describe the white

She did describe the white officer as being white...

Blessings to you darlin'.

You're truly an inspiration miss. I hope your wounds at the hands of those twisted thugs heal swiftly.


It is very bizzare that Ms. lacy macauley puts great emphasis on the Black officers trying to instigate racism against people who are not white.

I do believe if you read the

I do believe if you read the article again, that Ms. Macauley also identifies an officer as being white.I don't think any racism is intended, but that she is simply trying to keep all facts clearly stated.... for the record.


It is very bizzare that Ms. lacy macauley puts great emphasis on the Black officers trying to instigate racism against people who are not white.

Thank you

I just wanted to thank you, Lacy, for telling your story in such detail.  It's painful to read these accounts, but so important that the stories are told.

I was arrested at that rally, I believe shortly after you, and saw you being paraded by my cage a couple of times.  I am so angry that this happened, but so inspired by the many strong people of our community, like yourself, that refuse to let them break our spirits.

See you in the streets.


I had thought Canada as

I had thought Canada as peaceful country and that was really traumatizing shaking people of whole city and nation into almost dictatorship terror.

Most strinking part of this story is here:

"This is the kind of treatment that Nazi Germany gave activists. Just because I am politically active and publicly critical of various economic policies, to include the G20’s policies,.does not mean that I should be discriminated against in a criminal investigation by the very detectives"

And also I do not know what to say about your sexual assault by police officers. It really, really hurts that government law enforcement did act of creminal molestation to women.

This even totally left scar and skepticism of the governance system of Canada.




So sorry

I just finished reading your account of what happened to you. I was there that day- I am ashamed to say that when they started firing the smoke bombs I turned and started running. I wish that I had kept a clear mind and had been there to try to help in whatever way I could. I live in this neighborhood - and I did voice very loudly that this was unjust...etc. etc. But it was not enough. I really am so sorry on behalf of Canadians that care that this happened to you. I just wish that that I had been standing next to you so that I may have helped. Be well and stay safe and know that there are many of us who won't let this fade away... we won't let our society turn into a police state - as one cop with his gun in my friends face said " This is what a police state looks like asshole".
If there is anything I can do to help then please let me know.

I am appalled that we have to pay for their crimes


I am happy to see that they have not but scratched your spirit, though they obviously assaulted you to try and terrorize you and all folks around. Clearly, in their view, alternative media, covering their violation of the people, is a problem.  Everyday, details come out showing this was criminal political repression.

Anyhow, I hate how people have to pay money (bail) for their crimes, while we have done nothing wrong. I can't stand it. They grossly violate human rights, assault you, and folks have to pay?

I published, on the Indymedia-Quebec, news about this and mentionned it in articles and open letters.

I am grateful I was lucky enough to avoid arbitrary detention, but I have yet to free myself from the anger. Your message, about how these guys may have become like this, helps me forgive. Cheers.

Re: Protest

@Toronto Anonymous

The reason she specifies they are black and the other is white, is because she is trying to have these guys identified. She describes their general looks, colour of skin, sizes and so on, since they refused to identify themselves. She cannot prosecute these men without being able to identify them. These men hence feel immune to the law, so she tries to describe them here.

Speaking of... I haven't heard of any officer that week-end giving his police ID when asked. Easy way on their part of trying to avoid the justice system.



To begin, I am very sorry that you have had to experience unpleasantness do to your protest of the g20. I think that what happened in my city was an embarrassing and disappointing display or torontonians and canadians alike. I dont agree with the g20 being held in Toronto however, I also do not agree with violence. I think it is wrong that you came from a country that, if I am to generalize as you have against my city, is full of bloated national security and a militant attitude towards the world. I saw your video and although you are passionate you also are not acting with self restraint. Police need to keep peace and you were not being peaceful. I would say instead of wasting your time having Toronto police prosecuted, come back to the city and do some good for the people of Toronto. I would rather hear about the volunteer work you do in Toronto than the aftermath of your violent protest. I am stuck with the bill for your cheese sandwich and van rides etc. Unfortunatly Toronto could have greatly benefited from all of the out of town support to help the various causes people can physically contribute to resolve.

"I am stuck with the bill for

"I am stuck with the bill for your cheese sandwich and van rides etc."

Are you fucking serious?!  What the hell is wrong with you? 

It is not a waste of time to prosecute fascist police. 

Unfuckingbelievable...... :(

I just read your entire story.  I will be sharing it with as many people as possible.  I am so sad.  Heart broke that something like this would happen to a good person such as yourself.   An innocent person trying to document this atrociousness.  

I want justice for you.  I want it now.  I am so sorry this happened to you in our country.  I know you probably already know, but most people are not like these monsters that you seen here in Canada.  I hope you can move past this, you are a very strong woman.


Phone calls upon arrest in Canada.

I was horrified but not surprised by the treatment you were delivered during the ordeal. I am ashamed of my government and police forces who insist on perpetuating this thug culture  and completely disregarding the letters of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

However, I think you need to know that in Canada, authorities are not obligated to giev you access to a phone to make a call to anyone as would be done in the USA. If they do allow you a phone call, it's out of courtesy. I'm not trying to sound disgruntled at you. It's just the way it is here.

This was made clear to me by my lawyer many years ago after Canada's Constitution was signed by the Queen. So, on that particular matter, there is no case. The rest of your story will make waves as will the stories of hundreds of others who were arrested on the pretext of these fake laws and charges.


My message is similar to yours Lacy,

 As wrong, misguided, and deluded as they have proven themselves to be. We cannot choose the path of hatred against the Toronto police.

 As long as we hate and fight the police, we are playing into the plans of the G20, it is exactly what they want - otherwise, why hold their summit in ANY urban centre, ever?!

 One purpose of the police is to take all of the hatred and anger that people are rightfully feeling towards the Global Aristocracy known as the G20 and funnel it and redirect those feelings onto themselves, where it simply becomes inneffective.

 There is no doubt in my mind that there are a great deal of crooked cops out there, but there are surely a great deal who remain uncorrupted as well.

 There is an extreme danger for us that lies on the path of hatred.

 If we choose to hate the police indiscriminately, we alienate even the good ones from our message and our cause. When push ultimately does come to shove, we will need those men and women on OUR side.

 People need to do what they can to break the distinctions and the good/evil dichotomy between our two sides.

Police AND protesters need to realize that there are good and evil forces operating within every group.

I did not get thrown in jail, but I spent a good deal of time standing outside with others talking to the police about whether or not they agree with what they are doing.

I'm not sure what my next course of action is going to be, nor what it should be.

If you want to talk about it, I'd love to hear from you.


     - Nicholas


Echo My message is similar to yours Lacy

Nicholas and Lacy,

I read all of your account, saw the video and am now reading all the comments.

Your account is clear and all the actions you took were appropiate. I am inspired my your love for the thugs and of cource all your fello detainees.

There are good cops, and I expect that some of the ones that were in the video will eventualy see themselves on video and read all these comments.

I believe that, if they let the awareness in that they too are being used and put at risk to serve wealthy interest, they will regret being mecinaries against the very people stuggling to keep our rights and freedoms.
I hope that those that tourched the Police cars learn how there actions are used to justify the violent behavior of the police.

The video of the man yelling at the police provocatur was great video to watch. He yeld at him to drop the rock and it shocked him into hiding with the other police. This proves that the security forces were orcastrating media coverage and making sure that there was some property damage to raise indignation and distract from the G20.

Your actions and writings make it easyer for me to be sure and will prepare me for when I will be hitting the streets in Sacramento California.

Thanks for the Non-Violent demonstration.

My experience

Many Canadians do not understand why some of the most affluent, priviledged people in the world choose to be part of a resistance movement. It is because I believe that my affluence is not worth the oppression of another person.
I am glad that I was attacked, intimidated, and silenced by police on Saturday 26th at the Demonstration in Toronto. That small taste of brutality backed my ideology with experience, and now I am more affirmed than ever in the reasons I use my affluence to deconstruct the system that gave it to me, and stand in solidarity with those around the world who are fighting back oppression every day of their lives. That experience helped to deepen my understanding of why I resist.

Thank you so much for your story Lacy, and your inspiring example of the courage, resilience, and power of the positive spirit.

- B


I want to apologize to you, Lacy, and anyone else in Toronto, on behalf of Canada. We didn't realized we elected a neo-nazi the last two times, and apparently some of us still don't get it. You're the second person to make me weep at your story. I cannot express my outrage and loathing towards Toronto and our Prime Minister: words simply do not exist in the English language for my feelings. But I must commend you as well, because words to not exist to express the bravery you showed, nor the collected peace of mind you kept even as you were tortured and abused by people who are clearly ignorant and victims of abuse themselves. Degenerates breed degeneracy. I can only hope you will join me with others that have been abused as I work to help them file lawsuits and seek proper civil justice against those in Ottawa and our Federal Government who allowed these attrocious crimes to be committed.

So amazed to read a story

So amazed to read a story like this where the hero did everything heroic and not one thing to deserve the story-like abuse she alleges.

You should write novels!

Choose your protest platform more tactfully!!!!

I think half the problem is people do not know how to properly demonstrate their beliefs. If all of these 10000 protestors had gone to say a public spot like City Hall or Queens Park (without having run through the city causing destruction first) and had a sit down rally and spoke on their issues instead of aiding the black block in creating havoc in our streets this wouldn't have happened. We come from a peaceful city where even when the Maple Leafs do win a playoff series (it has been quite some time though) we playfully go out on Yonge St and are allowed by the Police to enjoy our win without fear of reprisal. We are not in China and do not have to worry about a Tiananmen square issue if we congregate peacefully in one location, its when chaos ensues due to walking down the middle of streets and doing nothing while people senselessly damage public and private property in a city they do not live in. How would you feel if we came to your hometown and destroyed peoples hard work and dedication?

Next time take the time to think about how you demonstrate and what the end result will be instead of thinking in the moment and taking rash actions such as circling in the police as they attempt to do their job. I personally am pleased with how the police reacted in the heat of the moment and the steps they took to make sure no more chaos erupted in the city. I prior to the G20 was embarassed that Toronto would spend 1 billion of tax payers dollars to host this but after seeing how many police were needed to restrain, contain and dissolve the issue presented to them.

Too bad so sad Lacy

I think half the problem is people do not know how to properly demonstrate their beliefs. If all of these 10000 protestors had gone to say a public spot like City Hall or Queens Park (without having run through the city causing destruction first) and had a sit down rally and spoke on their issues instead of aiding the black block in creating havoc in our streets this wouldn't have happened. We come from a peaceful city where even when the Maple Leafs do win a playoff series (it has been quite some time though) we playfully go out on Yonge St and are allowed by the Police to enjoy our win without fear of reprisal. We are not in China and do not have to worry about a Tiananmen square issue if we congregate peacefully in one location, its when chaos ensues due to walking down the middle of streets and doing nothing while people senselessly damage public and private property in a city they do not live in. How would you feel if we came to your hometown and destroyed peoples hard work and dedication?

Next time take the time to think about how you demonstrate and what the end result will be instead of thinking in the moment and taking rash actions such as circling in the police as they attempt to do their job. I personally am pleased with how the police reacted in the heat of the moment and the steps they took to make sure no more chaos erupted in the city. I prior to the G20 was embarassed that Toronto would spend 1 billion of tax payers dollars to host this but after seeing how many police were needed to restrain, contain and dissolve the issue presented to them.

I hope you post my comment

I hope you post my comment instead of only posting things supporting you. that would be a true shame for peoples opinions to be withheld from the public.

Ashamed to be Canadian for 1st time in my life

The actions of the Toronto police as evidenced ny dozens and dozens of credible witnesses demonstrate two things: First and foremost this shows that our rights and freedoms are very fragile and that we are, at any time, a hairsbreadth way from living in a police state. Clearly this line was crossed during the G20. Second, this shows that we need to have stronger accountability and independent review for citizen complaints. The police are clearly not capable of policing themselves. There is no excuse for this behaviour by the police. They are not to be judge, jury, and executioner in a free society. Their lack of action on Saturday when a small cxrowd was actively breaking the law demonstraqtes incompetennce or cowardice, or both. Taking their frutrations out in a clearly cowardly and illegal manner demands that an independent inquiry be struck to investigate impartially and mandate formal discipline against any officers that crossed the line. Assaulting a woman for taking pictures with her cell phone, abusing her while handcuffed, and trumping up fales charges against her is evidence of a sick mentality of someone who should never have polkice power over anyone again. Shame on you Toronto, for allowing cowards to be on your police force.

A former Officer.

Sun Tzu

 I told people not to attend this trap in the first place, an essential rule of war (and make no mistake thats exactly what this is, if you think otherwise, especially after seeing this you are deceiving yourself) that you never attack an enemies strongpoint, and you never take the enemies bait, and thats exactly what G20 protests are around the world. People think that shouting at the top of their lungs, just because these corporate puppets, these political shills happen to be gathering behind a fence a mile away that anything more significant is happening there than any other day of the year, the whole thing is a farce, what we should have been doing is wised up and had a massive protest WHERE THERE WERE NO FASCIST DICKHEADS, that would have been the intelligent thing to do. Not only has this whole policed war detracted away from the issues. it has detracted away from the fact that these half-assed micro revolutions empower the powers that be, as if we expected anything more then to be framed as violent and for the police to abuse our power so we could make Youtube videos and show everyone how violated we were. YEAH, we have established that they don't give a fuck, but this is not India, and we do not outnumber the English 1000 to 1 to think Ghandis methods will work is lunacy. The goal of this was to traumatize everyone, well guess what, a lot of us see right through this bullshit, and when they try this shit with our families, and our kids, and our friends they are going to get the royal treatment, Metis style. 

MODERATE THIS!!! What sort of shill bullshit website is this anyway? Moderating comments? What are you afraid of? You fight for free speech but don't even allow it, what kind of bullshit is that. REPRESS REPRESS You people need it rubbed right in your face before realizing what is actually occuring here, stop being so damn nice, will you be nice when the roidfreaks are smashing your face in? Polite pussified canucks. 

This is a war, the sooner people realize that the better. 

It's a great story, but a little over-dramatic or embellished...

You said in your story that "They were so cruel that they deprived me of food & water for a long, long time." - but, they did NOT do that.

They could not have deprived you of food and water because you got sandwhiches, water and so on several times a day.

Granted, it wasn't the greatest stuff...But it was food.

I'm just saying you need to be more careful when you lay out accusations.....fact-check everything.

Those three officers, indeed the whole frontline force who assaulted you may not be acting in good judgment.....but they had nothing to do with food or water starvation.

Now he, what he did to you is inexcusable....but I'm sure he'll be fined for it.

He likely knows that kind of crap is not allowed anymore regardless of how much you disagree with officers behiaving in sucha way are likely to get shot. They were agitated by your speaking out.

Whoever they are, and whatever "Stephen Harper" trained these black panthers to do.....that can be stamped out. Corruption can be overthrown.

But not outright lies and misstatements....Although they did a lot of bad things, they did not prevent you from your first amendment rights or from having food.

They did make sure all those things were accounted for, and all those needs were met.

Some of the police are confused at events like this, and really do think all the people are there to start a riot. But no officer is dumb enough to make themselves a target to be shot or have their whole department go down in flames...and people quickly reach that breaking point.

I think Canada's Justice System is getting turned into Gulags by Stephen Harper because Harper appears to be a real Nazi.....I'm not so sure if many of these officers even like Harper, or if they aren't just doing this to score money & showmanship.

In any case the first line of action should be to have cameras on everybody there....including cameras in the court room. Document and observe, come up with solutions to G20 meetings before its too late.

G20 is going to ruin Canada very likely...The elite bankers will try to unify a currency for Canada, bringing society into chaos. If anything, warn millions about G20 since they don't see the danger in it....that way they can put a stop to the abomination before it gets going.


I think the story could have done with less sensationalism in certain areas.

Canada is not as bad as the Middle East, not yet. Just sticking to the facts, and showing the evidence where a few of the frustrated police lost their minds on the protestors is more than enough.....

Harper's thugs should not be police whatsoever.

Why is no one reporting on

Why is no one reporting on the use of Agent Provocateurs which is clearly what the Black Bloc were. How could Harper justify the price tag of 1 billion for the G20 if no one did any damage. They had to ensure damage was done and the burning Hollywood set police cars did it. Note the cops did not interfere with the Black Blocs 1.5 hour rampage through the city but then turned on peaceful protestors. It was their excuse to go after citizens' Shame on Harper. shame on McGuinty. Can't wait to vote them out.

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