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Toronto Media Co-op Wants Your Election Coverage!

TMC Wants Your Stories on Candidates and Issues

by Toronto Media Co-op

Mayoral Candidates
Mayoral Candidates

The Toronto Media Co-op wants your coverage!

The TMC will spend this week doing in-depth coverage on the 2010 Toronto Municipal Election.  We'll have stories coming out all week on candidate financing, candidate backers, voter reform, community involvement and anything else which we can dig up.

But we need your help. 

Got a story which isn't being covered?  Know something about a candidate for Mayor, City Council or School Trustee which the Mainstream Media wont touch? 

We want you to post it on the Toronto Media Co-op.

We've already had stories flowing in and we're looking for more:

Also we're looking for people to write pre-election blogs and their opinions on the election, election day coverage and post-election follow up stories on what happened and how you felt about it.

Not signed up with the TMC yet?

Go here to sign up (it takes 2 minutes) and start posting.

If you're interested in staying involved with the TMC on a more regular basis, go here:

Toronto Media Co-op

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where to vote

Hey a very cool app to find where to vote is at - check it out!!

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