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The Canadian police state got a taste of our geological power today at 1:43pm, as we made our first strike against the G20 — a 5.5 earthquake which was unjustly downgraded to a 5.0 by the USGS. However, our tectonic rage will not be contained by the arbitrary hegemony of the Richter scale — we make it quake, in total solidarity with the exploited, regardless.

We used isostatic rebound to fuck up your shit, interrupting the flow of commerce and the tranquility of your Starbucks coffee, striking abject terror into the hearts of yuppies’ parakeets, mildly unsettling pedestrians, and causing a stack of business cards to fall over in the Ottawa office of National Post political columnist Don Martin. The National Post was targeted for its Zionist tendencies.

We know this action will be characterized as terrorism. We envisage the criminalization of our revolt with serenity.


Curious as to why tens of thousands are protesting the G8/G20 summits?  Go to for up to the minute G20 and G8 Summit Protest Reporting, straight 'outta the Alternative Media Centre!

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