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Why we must despise university professors

Blog posts reflect the views of their authors.
Class is stronger than race and sex.
Class is stronger than race and sex.

Class is stronger than race and sex.

University professors are cowardly deceiving scum. There are no good professors.

They work under a cover of serving community and the public good yet they serve and replicate a system of extreme violence and repression; a system of layered exploitation that uses every method from war and genocide to economic slavery to psychological social engineering in order to maintain and increase its hierarchical domination.

Their work starts in the classroom and extends to the boardroom. They coerce and purify and provide the mental infrastructure of system maintenance and projection. You will “cooperate” and develop “professional ethics” and “universal values”...

It is disgusting to observe university service intellectuals posturing themselves into a self-image of community service and solidarity with the oppressed-other while not raising a finger to dismantle the very machine at its core. They are in a position to alter the production cycle of managers of mind and manners, yet they reinforce and perfect the indoctrination of self and of students instead.

Their lives of privilege are nestled in lies, as are all such lives. The lies that intra-class justice is justice, that privilege produces extra-class benefits, that knowledge arises from breeding and that it can be transferred via an administrative act; all necessary and comforting lies.

Without the armed thugs that preserve their power and the furniture of their lies they would be hapless beggars because they are empty. They pride themselves in being empty and give each other prizes for emptiness. They rise in the academic and administrative hierarchies for achieving emptiness and for celebrating emptiness.

They are truly a disgusting breed, destined to enlighten us all and to guide our leaders.

They excel at taking diversity and forming it into shapeless conformity. They work as a unit, like a meat grinder, with “radical” profs shaping activist students and business profs nurturing corporate service drones. Those that cannot be shaped are denied entry or expelled. There is no space for non-compliance.

They are gifted for selection. They select the emptiest by peer review and the most obedient by grading. And of course effective selection necessarily includes expulsion and failure. They look for and kill those who deserve to fail. And they mob and kill those who would expose them.

This explains why they are all exactly the same. There is no truer generalization at-the-root about a professional class; unless you believe in a difference between conservatives and liberal “progressives” or that a black feminist academic is not also a neutralizer and enforcer.

The university professorial class manages the highest-level institutional indoctrination, and must therefore be more fundamentally and completely aligned than any other class; more the same than politicians are the same or than doctors and lawyers are the same or than teachers, cops and soldiers are the same when they have been segregated and “elevated” into a service professional class.

The needed underlying monochromaticity, beyond school obedience and ordinary graduate or professional school indoctrination, takes another five to ten of the tenure track and is masked by an elaborate illusion of choice and independence supported by its own mythology and bureaucracy of “academic freedom”.

University professors cannot save themselves and will not save their students. We must love humanity and freedom enough to despise them in liberating ourselves. Only their jolt from rejection and our experience of rebellion can produce some result. Freedom means self-determination.

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Denis G. Rancourt was a tenured and full professor of physics at the University of Ottawa in Canada. He practiced several areas of science which were funded by a national agency and ran an internationally recognized laboratory. He published over 100 articles in leading scientific journals. He developed popular activism courses and was an outspoken critic of the university administration and a defender of student and Palestinian rights. He was fired for his dissidence in 2009 by a president who is a staunch supporter of Israeli policy. [See]
Posted by Denis Rancourt at 3:04 PM 1 co

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Topics: Education

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Denis Rancourt (Denis Rancourt)
Ottawa, Ontario
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702 words


Hi Denis

Who is the woman in the photo and what relevance does it have to your piece?

@dawn, picture of Angela Davis


Is that a trap?

It is a picture of Anagela Davis.

The choice of picture is meant to challenge the reader in considering the limits of my thesis, and the postulated dominant influence of class over race and sex. It is not meant as a personal attack or critique and there is no analysis of Davis' work in the article.

The theme of Davis' radical Black Panther associations versus her establishment integration is relevant as a mental image connection to attrack reader attention to the piece.



not a trap. I would suggest

not a trap. I would suggest putting her name in the photo caption, and perhaps tying that explanation into her piece. Otherwise it's not clear (as per my previous comment) what the connection is. Thanks.


Angela Davis

I expect that most people don't know who Angela Davis is.

meant for those who do

The picture of Angela Davies only works to hook readers who know who she is. They are challenged to ask if she is a "good Professor". To name the picture adds nothing for those who do not know who she is. And these comments do the rest!

"Denis G. Rancourt was a

"Denis G. Rancourt was a tenured and full professor of physics at the University of Ottawa in Canada ... He was fired for his dissidence in 2009."
You didn't even rebel from the system you're bashing because you wanted to. Someone certainly sounds like a bitter hypocrite. Either that, or you are doing some disgusting, self-righteous generalizing by assuming you are the only professor in the world who could ever make changes from the inside.
Or, more likely, both are true. Either way, I'm certainly glad you are no longer a professor. There's enough hatred based on untrue generalizations as it is.

Kill the messanger.

Anonymous attack accusing one of hypocracy. Hummm.

Kill the messanger... Is that the best you can do for a counter argument?


Wow, what a vitriolic screed.

Wow, what a vitriolic screed. I wonder if Mr. Rancourt is still bitter over his firing from University of Ottawa, and if he acted this way to his fellow profs when still tenured...

"Vitriolic Screed"

A "vitriolic screed"? I'm pretty sure that's an oxymoron.

"Acted this way to his fellow profs when still tenured...?" You mean write articles critical of them?

Yup, check this one:

And here is another:

Mr. Rancourt, your piece

Mr. Rancourt, your piece seems to me to be little else than a series of insults against university professors. Did you treat your former colleagues like 'cowardly deceiving scum' when you were employed by the University of Ottawa?

treating scum...

The only respectful way I know for "treating" "cowardly deceiving scum" is to be honest about my opinion of them and to critique them and engage in discourse with them so they know where I stand and have an occasion to clarify, reconsider, respond. So I guess my answer is yes. I trust you don't mean to imply using covert methods against colleagues with whom I disagree. That was the job of the administrative mobbers:

The only argument this piece

The only argument this piece puts forward is accidental: there ought to be greater editorial mediation on the part of the Media Co-Op. Can this piece be justifiably classified under "stories"? At the very most -- in the interest of maintaining the integrity of the Media Co-op -- it ought to be re-classified as a blog post. But I would also suggest that it is hurtful speech -- if not hateful speech -- and should be reviewed and considered for deletion.

For example, the second sentence ("University professors are cowardly deceiving scum") is an ad hominem. Like many of the other claims in this post, it functions like a punch rather than as a reason.

To have and express radical ideas is one thing. To throw punches is another.



Censorship justified by dislike of form is censorship

Mr. Cohon proposes the solution of censorship. I conclude that he does not appreciate the message.

The choice of language is intentional and is motivated by a model of effective communication when trying to advance radical and unpopular ideas. The language is intended to stir emotion in reaction to a strongly stated proposition or thesis as an entry into engagement and to prompt response so that the reader will expose his/her views.

Another example is here:

Christopher Cohon might not object to the language in the latter piece, pendending on his politics...?

The language question was discussed in this interview with the author:

It's not hate. It's a class criticism. On the question of hate, consider this:


Another question for you,

Another question for you, Denis. One of your protegés is currently in jail on serious charges in Ottawa. You know the one I mean, and you know that he certainly did not belong in that social circle. How much did you push him along the path to a dangerous militancy?

anonymity is creepy...

I can see why you chose to be anonymous. Your veiled and ambiguous suggestion is creepy.

You do sound like a

You do sound like a self-riughteous person... bitter and desparate. Don't lose your dignity.

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