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Wikileaks and the politics of whistleblowing

by Justin Saunders

still from leaked apache gunship video
still from leaked apache gunship video

Ever since a U.S. army counterintelligence report identified WikiLeaks as a direct threat to the 'force protection interests' of the military – a euphemistic term for the United States' ability to militarily dominate when, where and against whom they choose – the organization has been in the Pentagon's crosshairs. For those of you who have been living under a rock, WikiLeaks runs a web portal dedicated to publishing government and corporate secrets online. It is, essentially, the new intermediary for potential whistleblowers and many of the 1.2+ million documents it has made public in its four year history have concerned various branches of the U.S. Government.

The propaganda war that is being played out between the Pentagon and WikiLeaks has become increasingly bitter in the last year and a half, first with the release of the notorious helicopter video and most recently in relation to the Afghan warlogs and the arrest and prosecution of Bradley Manning, an army intelligence analyst thought to be one of Wikileaks' primary sources . Although Julian Assange, WikiLeaks co-founder and its most visible spokesperson, described the organization as primarily concerned with justice, it is the ideological acceptability of whistleblowing that is being fought over here.

However, the genie is out of the bottle in terms of the ability of state agencies to contain these secrets. If WikiLeaks were to disappear tomorrow, the data it has made public would remain (mirrored by an increasing number of webhosts around the world) and, more importantly, whistleblowers would still be able to publish information through alternate means. Online journalists, security researchers, tech activists and others interested in issues of privacy and security occupy an important position in this regard.  Certainly, though, none of the other existing intermediaries (investigative journalists, media outlets, certain online forums dedicated to the purpose, 'sympathetic' hackers--- we all saw how well that worked out for Manning) have quite the brand recognition that WikiLeaks seems to have achieved - ironically, by virtue of the U.S. Government's attempts to discredit it.

WikiLeaks is now something of a misnomer. Originally, it was a wiki, with an open submission and publication process. John Young, the respected architect and activist behind Cryptome (a site that predates Wikileaks by a decade), was invited to be its public face. Young parted ways with WikiLeaks only a few weeks after, citing philosophical differences. Ironically, over time WikiLeaks itself has become much less transparent in its practices, ostensibly to protect the anonymity of its sources, and has published fewer and fewer documents – most of which have been classified United States military files. As Young has noted, this is a clear shift in policy and mission for the organization, which is to “expose oppressive regimes in Asia, the former Soviet bloc, Sub-Saharan Africa and the Middle East”. This, along with questions about the money trail (WikiLeaks claims to have received substantial amounts in donations but no one really knows how or to whom the money has been allocated) and the character of Assange serve to undermine WikiLeaks' credibility at the same time as the organization has become synonymous with government accountability. This is, needless to say, an enormous problem with potentially serious implications for the future of whistleblowing.

Nevertheless, for all it's faults (and there are many potential grounds on which to criticize the sustainability of the WikiLeaks model) WikiLeaks currently represents the desire of information to be free. On the other side institutions like the Pentagon and Executive branches of government represent the desire to control it. Between them lie a vast number of individuals who work within the global security apparatus, numbering in the millions in the United States alone. At stake are the loyalty and sense of ethics of these workers. But the excessive debate surrounding WikiLeaks' position as the primary vector for publishing secretive data may only serve to detract from its ability to do so. We should not let this happen.

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650 words


hm-hm...   the problem is



the problem is that there's a difference recognizable between wl's own self-representation and what people observing the discussion can see. re focus - if you visit the wl page, you won't find a sentence claiming us military is the focus of this platform. if you search the databank, you will find a diversity of documents there. but in fact - either there are fewer and fewer docs submitted in the last time or wl turns to a concentration to the afghan docs batch (not releasing other stuff at the moment at all), at the same time concentrating on a shift not only in policies but also in its financial decisions. the next publication will be - probably mainly -  financed by media, quite obviously more than co-financed not for the first time. web community of course might ask what to think about this drift: you can hardly claim to stick to the own pr [free access to information] and at the same time take part in a strategy building exactly the same information access hierarchy you officially pretend to oppose or even to fight.

there are some voices musing about this online.

Further Problems Are ...

Since the dawn of time the problems have been the same. Ruling class with superior information and knowledge have oppressed the uneducated, or as they call everyone else dumb and stupid slaves.

You can see this from a major story of 2,000 years ago. A guy goes out to Far East to gain knowledge and to save his family, friends and tribes. He learns, gets back, starts teaching and is immediately harassed by a certain group ... the money lenders and merchants. It's the same today, same greedy nefarious ruling class is oppressing the population.

More of same examples are: Roman Empire, Roman Catholic Church and all it's inquisitions, Hitler and Nazi party, many Kings and Queens of old, British Bankers, IMF, WTO, Israel, Military Juntas world wide, Scientology, Capitalism, Communism, IRS, Federal Reserve, Bank of Canada and list goes on and on. You can go back as 13,000 years ago or more and you will find the same.

Most have been made to believe and been programmed to think what the establishment / ruling class tells them to from birth. Religion, movies, Media, TV, governments, acts of terror, prisons etc. are ALL deceptions to keep you from finding out the truth. Get past or force your way past it and read on.

The basic story of above link is that the ruling class gets the population to mine for resources and takes off with them off world or out of our solar system after they are done, in the process killing off most of the extra slaves to return earth back to it's fertile state. That is until next time. Highly Loyal ones they want to save are put in deep underground bunkers with all the information they need to start again and slowly expand to start reaping for them again. It happens every 13,000 years or so. If you think I'm full of it then check out records of Greeks, Egyptians, Hindu, Chinese and just about all the stories of every tribe on earth.

Take Noah story for instance. He and his party weren't supposed to survive. Yet one God / Angel / Hero / Watcher talked to Noah's house and left Noah plans for the Ark. Noah survived, as many others did, by building an Ark out of reeds, interior heavy timbers and all that was needed for the next age/world. Proof: and

I'm no preacher but I do know to investigate and put the pieces together. What I just did here is much more damaging to NWO than any WikiLeaks document can ever be as every 13,000 years there is a massive cull of the population in some way. Yet it's right out in the open for anyone to see and put together ... if they so choose.
More proof: Here are some that have put most of it together for you in 13 parts: ... no wonder ruling class has over 30,000 nukes at the ready at all times.

More of what you are not being told: These kind of mining operations have been done elsewhere. If you look at detailed pictures of our Moon you will find many have been doctored and in reality show previous operations, mining, derelict ships, colonies, farms, towers multiple km high and much more. Same goes for Mars. Both have water and can sustain life due to this fact. Remnants of life have also been found on both. BTW: that's straight from NASA personnel.

In studying history and our ancient cultures are the answers for tomorrow. Before the end of the last age 13,000 years ago there were 300 essential books enshrined in each pyramid for when the catastrophe is over. King Solomon had almost a full set of these books, he buried them under his temple to keep the rats out (merchants and money lenders / the filthy rich).

The point is: now you can put all the killings perpetrated by ruling class and their soldiers into proper context. Now you can act accordingly.

Fight them? Not a good idea since they have all the guns. Although you are "allowed" to protect yourself and your family by ANY means necessary. Mind you the filthy rich do greatly fear assassination throughout history. Filthy rich do assassinate peace makers and whistle blowers regularly: Kennedy, Gandhi, William Cooper, inventors of free energy, inventor of Illuminati Card Game and millions of others.
Protest? Very good idea, but unless you outnumber them 10 to 1 they will just beat on you and try to make an example of you for their media.
Take them to curt? Unless you yourself know all the laws from ancient times til today they will keep you tied up in court for ages. If you are so inclined here are some pointers: [Winston Shrout]
Do check out their Youtube channels.

Violence during protests such as Black Bloc? It may work in Europe as regular protesters are sometimes violent in masse. But in North America they are the scourge of peaceful protests. It only speeds up the filthy rich agenda.

EXPOSURE of perpetrators and offenders? Now we are talking good stuff. Why isn't there pictures, profiles, home addresses etc. and background information on them bankers, politicians, police, spies, private security etc. all over the place while they do it to average citizens? Why is it Police and whole system can spy on citizens yet there is no citizens disclosure network to expose the offending system? EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM SHOULD BE PLASTERED ALL OVER THE INTERNET AND IN EVERY CITY AND TOWN.

It is your Right as citizens to be able to hire Peace Officers and Sheriffs in any Commonwealth Jurisdiction. Not Police officers / Policy Officers. All Police work for corporations not the citizens. They are Peace officers hijacked by Corporations to become Police under Admiralty Law / Law of the seas and oceans. Therefore it is up to each community and group or society to hire their own Peace Officers. A Peace Officer is given the power "temporarily" t keep the peace, arrest anyone breaching the peace or breaking the Common Law. Peace Officer can Deputize individuals as needed. Peace officer has the power to arrest and detain any Policy officer or offender out there til they can be presented to a Common Court. Can you imagine a lawful protest by 10,000 or 100,000 Peace Officers with the ability to arrest Police?

It's all right there in black and white ... In our Common Laws. Don't be dumb or stupid, learn what you need and use it. Prepare for what's to come and best of luck to you.

Anon in Toronto: Indeed, with

Anon in Toronto:

Indeed, with the Afghan warlogs WL actually worked with Der Spiegel, The Guardian and the NYT to release the documents concurrently instead of publishing the logs themselves and waiting around for the media to pick up the story. As media strategy, this certainly makes sense given the back-and-forth war of words over WikiLeaks; in terms of policy, WL is moving away from its roots and arguably giving a certain measure of control and involvement in interpreting this data to media institutions (not necessarily a bad thing in this case; I think The Guardian et. al have given the logs an excellent and fairly thorough treatment). The way that most people have interacted with the logs is by reading about them and not by reading them.

Regarding finances, WikiLeaks has already received substantial donations from a number of media organizations (including AP), although these were/are primarily for legal costs, so the question of financing and influence is a tricky one since WikiLeaks has no other revenue stream apart from such donations.

Harper Government Muzzling Scientists ...

Quote: Tightened muzzle on scientists is 'Orwellian'

Documents reveal federal researchers, whose work is financed by taxpayers, need approval from Ottawa before speaking with media. End Quote.
full story here:

Just goes to prove my/our previous comments are true, which BTW you haven't posted. What are you afraid of?

Other articles on WL

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