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H1N1 Special Report: 'the vaccine is the pandemic'

by Daniel Libby

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H1N1 Special Report: NO FORCED SHOTS!

Toronto Truth Seekers have been meeting up on Saturday afternoons at Yonge-Dundas Square near the Eatons Centre in downtown Toronto, to distribute alternative information, theories, and spreading the message 'Don't get shot' * with handout flyers and Ontario vaccine exemption forms for parents of school age youth... Features a clip from the CBC - Toronto News  (09/30/2009) featuring the Toronto Truth Seekers and Dr. David Butler Jones

Recommended Research:
Keyword search: Dr. Sherri Tenpenny

(or) Keyword search: '1976 Swine Flu outbreak at Fort Dix'

* (CAUTION: Also look out for the 'Flu-Mist Nasal Spray' which has been reported to contain a 'weakened live H1N1 virus')


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