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Community Organizers Talk About Their Experiences with Police Intimidation Tactics

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I think this post would be more effective as a piece of media if it included a transcript. A compressed YouTube vid of a digital recording of a speech through a megaphone... hard to hear details.

toronto needs help

Sent to Canada am June 29, 2010 1st email Robin Hood
Question! Why take out all that insurance prior to summit for the city of Toronto’s expected destruction Miller! With all that stress of the “spotlight” you likely need a holiday? Gotcha, Miller time!

Create the problem? No cops present or no identifiable cops present at time of destruction! Business men your fault for being to small!

Offer up a solution! Arrest all the peaceful organizers prior to the event. Arrest all native media! Install robo cop to bully and intimidate while you target those of interest and arrest them! (That should generate some revenue) Tell me what’s so interesting about them? At all cost keep the cattle corral, fairly good job there! Ordain police state in the minds of those present and impress upon the world just who’s in charge, to give Seoul a heads up! Warn next target “North Korea and Iran your coming!” Fuel controversy, “their dammed if they do and dammed if they don’t!” Successful you say! For who? Surely not the people!

Sent to Canada am June 29, 2010 2nd email
What’s the matter don’t like my freedom of speech?

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