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Demo against Police Repression/G20 Solidarity Montreal

by Amy Miller

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Topics: Solidarity

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solid video amy!

keep screaming for a public inquiry

I am so pleased to see the momentum building and answers being demanded to questions about the police provocateur activity and unlawful arrests.Thanks for this media coverage which is badly needed because as per usual the mainstream is blacking out this public outcry.

Excellent work, Amy.  I

Excellent work, Amy.  I believe we will get to the truth of the matter. This is important work. Canada is falling prey to politicians who are showing little accountability to the people who elected and fund them. 

Those who believe the police were justified, are not aware that their views and opinions will be similarly ignored when it comes time for them to seek accountability. 

The people stand divided under a system that has proven not to be motivated for the betterment of Canadians, but for a position of power over Canadians, to secure a stronger position in the G20. This international, political power is taking us to a globally managed economy, with outside players who wield power over our politicians and our economy.

For these political players, a strong position in the G20 is more important than being accountable to Canadians on the issues that might get in the way of their progress. This is why the protest was disrupted and this is why so many dollars were spent on security. It was a huge contribution to the meet the needs of the police, who in kind will meet the needs of the political players. As well, this kind of money and equipment secures votes from direct and indirect sectors of the economy and their families and friends. 

Canadians are kept in the dark with strategies that go deeper than party vs. party,  so that our leaders can move forward, unimpeded by transparency, accountability, and in many cases the truth of the matter. I am glad you are staying course with this story. Don't be surprised when whistle blowers get their information to the media. It was a huge security budget, with many police officers involved. The politics is incredibly thick. This story is far from over.

Good luck.





Nice Going as the Depression Coming will need info like this too

FEMA in the states are already getting the FDR type camps into play & Thunder Bay " Emergency training" where a DND plane broke down @ Pearson was a sad part of how bad this country has become @ the hands of the same who were in charge of the G20 going's on

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