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G20 Community Relations Group: Useless? You decide...

by Gabriel Sinduda

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Talk about a PR failure. These people in the green jackets were appointed to act as liaisons and outreach between the ISU (Integrated Security Unit) and the activists and protesters. Yet they apparently knew nothing about the police tactics or policies, and they had nothing to offer the public by way of counsel or education.

I interviewed these three as they were standing about doing nothing while citizens were being brutally assaulted and illegally detained by cops outside the Convergence Centre on Queen W. on Sunday June 27 at approx. 3PM. 

I was hoping they might be able to explain to me their role and purpose, and this is what pathetic morsel one could offer. The others completely refused to engage.

Thankfully a bystander took the opportunity to share his view, on the record.

So it would appear that while the Emperor's foot soldiers wear no clothes, they do on occassion wear green jackets. And they hand out nifty cards. The one they gave me featured the following information:

Constable Ramin Singh #9763

G20 Community Relations Group

40 College St., Toronto, ON M5G 2J3

Telephone: 1-888-4666-4047

Mobile: 416-569-9245



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195 words


These are the fuckers who

These are the fuckers who were harrassing activists at their homes and workplaces in the lead up to the G20.

I wonder...

where I can get a nifty jacket like that! I can actually answer questions about the new laws... they don't exist....

New Laws

Oh, they exist.  It's called the Public Works Protection Act, it's been around since 1939 to prevent espionage by Germany Agents during the Second World War and it was invoked by Dalton McGuintys Cabinet without a vote in the Ontario legislature.

New Laws

Oh, they exist all right. It's called the Ontario Public Works Protection Act ( It's been around since 1939 and was designed to be used against German saboteurs during WWII. It was passed by Dalton McGuintys cabinet without approval or discussion by the legislature.

except that the 5-metre rule

except that the 5-metre rule was made up. the law only applies inside the fence. Blair claims first that he was confused by the law and admitted today that he let rumour (and orders, since cops were enforcing it) run amok because it would keep people away from the fence. 

Capitalist ideals and by-products

Police should be nicer-conditions for people held captive should be nice-and sweet they should make you a gift bag....-fuck that look if u can't handle the heat get out of the kitchen.The reality of it is that the "leaders of the world"who are so concerned about you the people-aren't.

That's the truth-whoever has the biggest gun is in power-n thats usaully the same person who has the most money.(at least for now)The proublem is we have all been raised in this westren cultural n we have been taught to respect authority even if we are un-aware it in-hibits are ability to fight and protect ourselves because we are affriad to lose our security-we have been brought up fear change/our morals and virtues have been inscribed in us by media-school- n church-WE NEED STRONG PEOPLE-WITH STRONG MINDS-AND STRONGER HEARTS-to fight this-not just that cheap shots that can be mis-interpted to the mass public via media...I say cheap shots for lack of a better word...what I mean is that every action has a reaction-We need to plan to produce results not just react to police-violation of rites-things are changing-organize.

"mis-interpted to the mass public via media"

Presumably you mean the predominant media. Even the most virtuous acts will be misinterpreted by them. So you are wrong. That media was and always will remain criminally complicity where this shit is concerned. No matter what message our movement portrays.


Wrong again. We're already there, buddy. Why do you think we are able to assemble such strong solidarity and action around those who have been illegally detained and arrested? Have you read the countless accounts which have already documented, which point to specific abuses and cops by name and number, which speak eloquently and heartily to the specific abuses and detentions and tactics?

We have documentation that will bring these fuckers to their knees. We have just begun to turn this bullshit around so that the puppet-masters Bill Blair and Dalton McGuinty all the way down to the trough where all those sad, disgusting, pathetic pigs  (those cops who fingered women during strip-searches, the ones who kicked and punched peaceful "arrestees", the ones who denied detainees their basic provisional rights, such as access to a lawyer, medical attention, food and water...)

This matter will not close until all of this has been aired and those who are responsible have been duly prosecuted. We're talking public inquiries as well as civil litigation and likely even supreme court airing of the mass violations that were witnessed, experienced, and exposed.

That's called strategy. That's called organization. The product of strong people.




Good organize(infact kuados on doing as much as you did-I wish I had been there)-but it's not about making me (personally wrong)Yes it was horribe and yes your going to "bring those fuckers to there knees"Good then..the problem is your looking at the small picture not the big picture a few cops-no buddy all cops its the entire system-and the predominant media will not always remain dominant if organization focuses on the bigger picture.

Make no mistake small distractions (conditions)have always been used to make people who know there shit like you or I distacted (by small minamalist thinking)so focused on the convincing them to change get them(there just following orders)they think there just in their actions -blah blah bullshit-alll it is smoke n mirrors a way to distract while the real crimes are taken place just inside those doors u can't get too-in the greater scheme of things we need a "New World Order"the old system doesn't work.

G20 Community Relations Group: Useless? You decide...

They are not useless they are trouble makers. In Parkdale I went up to one of the green jacket guys and asked him if he worked for the city. He said "no, I am a police officer." His answer surprised me a bit as I figued the cops worked for the city. At the time I went to talk to him he was busy checking some guys backpack, which also surprised me. I asked him what was the justification for coming into Parkdale with such a show of force and arresting folks at the convergence space and he gave me nothing but a nasty look. The green jackets are the official undercover. They are simply one more of the countless lies the Toronto police state perpetrated on us

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