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G20 Public Inquiry Protest News & Interviews 2011

by Daniel Libby

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Toronto Media Co-Op Demanding a Public Inquiry into the G20 Toronto Summit rally & march on January 8th 2011 Words on the Real featuring interviews with Adam Letalik filmmaker of documentary Under Occupation: Toronto G20 Operation, Adam Nobody protestor filed complaint regarding police brutality at G20, Test their Logik rap artists Testament & illogik update on the G20 conspiracy charges, Dan Dicks producer of Press for Truth new documentary 'Into the Fire' is coming soon, & Derek Soberal producer of Toronto G20 Exposed tells the story of Access to Information revelations. Segment intro & outro featuring Mike Hofstra of Toronto Truth Seekers Mississauga Truth Movement, Danny Liberty of Toronto Truth Seekers, and clips including Chief Bill Blair on CP24, NDP MPP Peter Kormos speech on G20 Public Inquiry Act, Ontario Ombudsman Andre Marin release of 'Caught in the Act' report, and Press for Truth 'Into the Fire' trailer 3 featuring /OttawaFro, Rally march and chants, Bubbles for peace, Word of Mouth Wednesday, and more... as heard on CKLN 88.1 FM Wednesday Word of Mouth - Wednesdays 7-8 pm on


Under Occupation: Toronto G20 Operation

Press for Truth: Smashing the pyramid one brick at a time


We Are Change Toronto

Toronto Truth Seekers

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217 words


is there a lower res version

is there a lower res version of this? my laptop is just not fast enough for anything over 240p

The audio from these

The audio from these interviews was played on Word of Mouth Wednesday Jan. 12th 2011 show on CKLN Radio the MP3 link is here:

Anarchist demanding a

Anarchist demanding a government inquiry. Ironic.


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