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Occupy Parliament (Poem)

by Andrew

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The captain's been lying,
but my little eyes can see,

Humanity's ship capsizing,

From weight of top heavy greed,

Look around we are the struggling majority,

But the leaders say the banks are the priority

They Smile pretend to give a fuck,

Suggest we pray for that change of luck,

Still we're under their authority,

Our political system's a joke,

Economic policy broke,

Why only war and austerity,

Never peace and prosperity,

No it dont make no difference
for which party you vote,

All the same fascist obsessions,
flags, cameras, police patrols,

Have you counted the wars of aggression?

How many lives for petrol?

So cheer for the crippled veteran procession,

Tell me what was gained,

I only see the toll,

Our planet's pillaged for profit,
polluted, poisoned, squeezed of life,

Oh boy,

A future deformed radiation blight,

Few fish in the water,

No rest at night.

Do you think that's alright?

I'm here to plant the seed,
for a state that serves our needs,
a profound solution,
political revolution,

Overthrowing corporate power and hierarchy.

Presenting to you a government which the people will lead,

First recognize the internet has us nearly all connected,

Presenting new opportunities from a revolutionary's perspective,

there is now a place in which all people could fit,

A website provides a room for millions to sit,

The dream of democracy is within our grasp,

We need only a cyber parliament that is up to the task,

So let's

pirate the parliaments,

Post the bills online,

Harvest the political consciousness,

And for the first time,

Give all power to the people,

So we may steer our own destiny,

This is a call to revolution,

This is not fantasy,

Let the politicians propose,

The people pass what they desire,

and learn to quickly dispose,

The laws of crooks, thugs, and liars, 

No party, no Leader, and humans will discover ,

Democracy requires only that we trust one another,

I have hope for the world,
A better future I feel,

Will arrive when our fingertips join, 

To make this humble dream real,

The captain's been lying,
but my little eyes can see,

Humanity's ship capsizing,
And one last opportunity,

 The Ship is sinking,

Sailors we must act fast, 

Tie that captain to the mast,

Grasp the helm with me, steer!

We haven’t time for hate nor fear,

Awake the crew still half asleep.

Capitalism's charted for catastrophe!

Say it loud write it clear,

We need all the world to hear,

All hands raised high for Democracy!


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