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Police Brutality Protest in Peterborough Ontario

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from the organizers:


"This event is to mark International Day Against Police Brutality and to make our presence known: we do not accept abuse of police powers, profiling and violence against our friends, children and neighbours!

It is in the best interest of everyone's safety that the collective goal for this demonstration be a peaceful one, as we are protesting a violent group of individuals. This rally will have special focus on Peterborough City Police cases of abuse of power and assaulting Peterborough citizens whom they are paid and obliged to protect.

March 15th is International Day Against Police Brutality which has had notable energy across the world (especially Montreal) since 1997.

We hope to:
(1) Disclose police brutality and abuse of power cases specific to the Peterborough police
(2) Demand immediate apologies and systematic changes
(3) Empower others to share their reflections and experiences

Alternatives to police are being heavily discussed within Peterborough’s Occupy community, but at this moment let us deal with the most prominent problem, that being our current oppressive police unit."

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