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Poet Kaie Kellough

reflections on Maple Leaf Rag

by Stefan Christoff

poet Kaie Kellough
poet Kaie Kellough

Poet Kaie Kellough's second book of poetry, Maple Leaf Rag, experiments with linguistic and musical borders.

Culture develops across, and often in conflict with, national borders. Language responds and develops accordingly. As a result, Canada isn't a country of two solitudes - it's far more "ragged."

Billed as "[a] dynamic, jazz-infused riff on Canadian culture [and a poetic exploration] on belonging, dislocation and relocation, and national identity from a black Canadian perspective," Kellough's Maple Leaf Rag reflects on the cross-border relationships between black Canadian history and the dynamism of African-American cultural expression. A follow up to his first book of poetry, Letricity, it's an important read for anyone who wants to understand contemporary Canadian society and its relationship to the world.

Listen to an interview discussion with poet Kaie Kellough with journalist Stefan Christoff

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