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Vancouver BC

Occupy Vancouver - General Meeting

Saturday October 8 2011

Venue: W2 Media Cafe
Address: 111 W. Hastings St

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General Meeting Planned for Oct. 8th
W2 Media Cafe - 111 W. Hastings St. Saturday, October 8 - 1:00pm If you are interested in helping moderate, organize, and/or volunteer at this meeting please email

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Occupy Your Heart

It is time to come together. Like I have said for many years now, "There are more of us than there are of them.Why should they have it all?"

In 2008 the bubble popped, as the government went on extended holidays and became less and less available. 

The BC Libs.promised to "bring about so many changes, so fast that no one would be able to organize against them", just before the head of the party was caught, out of country (an embarrassment to all in BC) and arrested for a felony offence in the state of Hawaii. We re-elected Stuporman. He kept his promise of bringing in so many changes that we were left with our collective heads spinning while those around him were charged with and eventually convicted of carrying out criminal acts. He still got re-elected and abruptly was turned against so that he eventually resigned.

Things are still carrying on in much the same fashion. A tidbit of a raise for minimum wage that really should be set at $18 an hour. Costs of everything is skyrocketing after years of shady dealings between those in power and their friends, the corporate interests that bilk hundreds of trillions from the economy in our frozen wages and shipped to forgeign banks. The Tinkle Down effect was a joke. No wonder the economy crashed. But does the government really listen to human people anymore? You have to wonder if the vote is rigged, because a vast amount of the population is misrepresnted. Maybe the whole system is broken and not meant for human comsumption.

Time for a change and we could all start with repealing corporate law. Let the lady said, "I'll believe a corporation is a person when Texas executes one". All of us know in our hearts what needs to be done for things to work for the betterment of all. No corporation is worth giving that up.

Warning:  Expect this to be a

Warning:  Expect this to be a pig-fest.

It's a Trap!!!!

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