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Toronto Media Co-op is Go!

New Media Co-op Local is Live, On-Line

by Toronto Media Co-op members

Toronto Media Co-op is Go!

Note: The Toronto Media Coop is looking to pay for 2 under-reported news stories with a Toronto focus.  See details below.

Toronto - Sometimes, good news can be hard to find.

The Greater Toronto Area is no exception.  It is one of Canada's biggest hubs: in population, economy, the arts and power.   Decisions are made, plans are laid and events unfold on Bay St., Queen St. and in other nooks and crannies not often found in the Toronto Star or Globe and Mail.

Starting in March 2009, a group of journalists, writers, media-activists and artists have attempted to bring member-funded media to Toronto.  We've combined participatory, democratically produced media with professional standards to bring quality and under-reported news to those who need it in Toronto and Canada-wide.

We call ourselves the Toronto Media Co-op

Our Co-op aims to emulate the success of other Co-op Locals which are all part of network. 

Halifax Media Co-op, launched in early 2009, has reported on important issues from a local perspective and  engaged it's members, laying the groundwork for other locals.

Vancouver Media Co-op, launched later that year, has continued this work and also helped launch a special print publication and to bring the best and most up to date news on the Olympics.

Since our initial foundation in and early stages, the Toronto Media Co-op has strived to bring Torontonians the same level of quality news.

We've broken stories on demonstrations in the financial districts, security contracts for the Pan Am Games, bike co-ops in Hamilton, Canadian aid workers abroad, the plight of local businesses and a host of other stories.

We've had members blog from Honduras, post videos on rallies and hold events while we continue to put out Toronto Month and Review to highlight under-reported issues in Toronto. 

Now, we're asking you to jump on the band-wagon!

This May, we're working with Canada's grassroots paper, the Dominion, to publish a special issue on the G8 & G20, which will be held in Toronto this year. 

We're holding events in March and May to get ourselves on the map...and to get ourselves some money.  We've got exciting projects and news ideas that need writers, copy editors, researchers, photographers, designers, planners, fundraisers,  and most importantly, people that want to help build alternative media.

Now, we want you to help.


Toronto Media Co-op members


Join the Toronto Media Co-op by going to or by e-mailing

The Toronto Media Coop is currently looking for 2 under-reported news stories with a Toronto focus.  The Co-op has a modest budget to pay writers and contributors whose pitches are accepted.  Please send pitches to

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