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on the so called “nuetrality” of the injustice system and the criminalization of politics!!!!

by Julian Ichim

2 Nov

“The fight of the people against power is the fight of remembering against forgetting” ~ Ulrike Meinhof

One of the issues that clearly presents itself in the current political prosecution that i am facing is the attempt of the state to put my alleged disobeying of an illegal and unjust court order out of context and by doing so de politicizing the nature of my charges.

In court it is very obvious that the case the crown presents is a simple one, there was a court order, i allegedly disobeyed it, therefore I am guilty. This analysis put forward by the crown attempts to hide several key things, the most import being what was the purpose of this court order, what led to the creation of this court order, what lead to the charges that my ex co accused were facing and what was the nature of the undercover operation that lead to our original charges in the first place?

By attempting to remove this context the crown seeks to make my writing about the dirty ops committed by the state during and preceding the g20 matter into a simple issue of law and order and by doing so negating the political nature of the charges that i am facing, as well as the political nature of the incarceration of George Horton, Hundert, Hiscocks and others.
The reality of the situation is that by doing this the crown is attempting to impose a collective amnesia and blanket criminalization of context of my current charges, as well as the charges others are facing.

To the crown the fact that people were targeted for surveillance based on holding “criminal ideologies” is to be forgotten, the fact that conditions imposed on people such as not to associate with open above ground political organizations such as AW@L and SOS is to be forgotten, the nature of the infiltration and the political targeting of those who were infiltrated and criminalized is not to be discussed. Finally the crimes of the g20, which is what people were opposing in the first place is not be mentioned, since in the eyes of the crown all of this is irrelevant.

By removing this historic context it is easy for the crown to strip the political nature of the charges and make it an issue of law and order.

The courts assist in this process by claiming that they are neutral and throw out any evidence to the contrary. The courts further assist the crown in this matter by imposing there narrow definition of what is and is not permissible in the courts.

For example it is impermissible to demand that Vandenhueval (head of Political persecution branch of the OPP)explain why he was intimidating and arresting people who were talking about the dirty ops of the infiltrators before the creation of the court order which demonstrates that the court order and the courts are being used as a political tool to silence discussion around what happened but it is permissible to ask for peoples ideologies at bail hearings or deny people bail based on the politics of their friends and lovers. It is not permitted to discuss the state violence leading up to the saturday when people fought back and resisted and the impact this had on peoples feelings of safety and comfort, but it is permissible to play over and over the images of burning police cars and broken windows and the pig McQueens victim impact statement where he talks about how scared he was and his other sanctimonious bullshit is permissible.

The courts are silent on the brutalization of over 1000 people rounded up like cattle, beaten brutalized and kept in inhumane conditions, but will call people hooligans for opposing this, totally ignoring the hooliganism of the G20 leaders and the impact that the decisions that they made that weekend is now leading to further criminalization, repression and austerity at home, and war and genocide abroad.

It is very clear to those that look and examine this evidence that the system is not apolitical, neither are the courts, nor the police or the elite that they serve. The point of my charges is to further silence, criminalize and intimidate those who have a political agenda, or are resisting the state attack on the collective consciousness of the peoples of this territory.

in the face of this criminalization of politics and attempt to intimidate people politically there can only be one solution…………RESISTANCE TO THE CRiMiNALIZATION OF OUR POLITICS AND ATTACK ON OUR COLLECTIVE MEMORY!!!!!!!
Those in the political sphere, Liberals, Conservatives and social democrats will tell us that political persecution and PROFUNCT (the plan to round up all the communists and sympathisers in case of any instability) is a thing of the past, we are told that colonialism and genocide against the indigenous peoples of this territory and abroad was a mistake of the past, we are told that findings of the MCdonald commission into dirty tricks and wrong doings of the RCMP was something of the 1960′s and seventies and we are now in the 21 century and all of this is over, yet if one looks around one sees that this is a lie aimed at the continuation of imposing criminalization of dissent here and war and nation wrecking abroad.

We are told that we live in a democracy and must do all we can to defend these democratic principles held up by our so called apolitical courts and system and if we only hide our politics and play along everything will be ok.

Where is the democracy in the assassination of Dudley George, what good is this democracy when Alex, Mandy and others are in jail for simply doing workshops? What does this democracy mean to children dieing in abysmal conditions on forced reservation without school supplies or the basic necessity of life? im sure those who are being murdered in iraq and afghanistan and palestine are happy that colonialism is “a thing of the past” and the bombs dropping on them and the soldiers stealing there right to determine there own destiny are there to spread this joy of democracy.

The attempt of the state to push this line, where our comrades who died in the 60′s and 70′s are co opted as heros who helped make the world a better place, yet those of us today who are engaging in similar struggles are criminals and hooligans is not accidental. it is an attempt to impose there political will through criminalizing opposition, silencing dissent and imposing a collective amnesia on the peoples of this territory so they can continue doing what they have always done, kill, murder and colonize other nations here and abroad for resourses and wealth and maintain political power and control through force at home.

For this to happened it is important for them to dress up the present political persecution as a battle against law breakers, hooligans and criminals, as opposed to a political battle.
I refuse to play along with this and refuse to be silent about what the pigs have done during the G20 not because the injustice against me is the worst thing in the world, but because if i am silent i am one more person who puts his head in the sand and pretends that everything is all kittens and flowers while those in power continue to carry on there agenda of capitalist exploitation and imperialism.

As such In court I will reject the notion of fighting only in their parameters they set and instead will set my own. My charges dont exist in a vaccum but rather are a result of the political attacks of the state on those who dissent, they are political charges and as such can only be fought politically in there proper historical context!!!!!!!


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Hey dumb ass.

Are you really that stupid Julian??You wrote and keep writing your stupid and hate filled blog so that is all the cops need to convict you and throw your sorry commie ass in jail for a good long time.Move to Cuba you commie and see if they put up with your shit.

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