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Story on LRAD Sound Cannon at G20 published on heels of revelations that the device will be used at NATO Summit in Chicago

by Tim Groves

LRAD at Pittsburg G20 Summit
LRAD at Pittsburg G20 Summit

A recently published Dominion story exploring the use of Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD) at the G20 was published Monday, shortly after Chicago police revealed they would be using the same device at the upcoming NATO summit which is taking place on May 20th.  Mass demonstarions are expected at the Summit. 

The Dominion story explores police documents released through Access to Information requests which showed that despite messaging that the device was strictly a communications tool police intelligence reports saw the device as a weapon, explaining,  “This non-lethal weapon can produce permanent ear damage.”

The Previous week on April 30th Democracy Now reported that "Police in Chicago are preparing to deploy controversial sound cannons against protesters at the G8/NATO Summit next month. The so-called Long Range Acoustic Devices, or LRADs, emit painful and potentially harmful tones over long distances." 

The LRAD was originally created for military use but has since been marketed to numerous police forces. 

According to the Dominion article a bystander alleging permanent hearing damage due to the LRAD is suing the city of Pittsburgh, according to a press release from the American Civil Liberties Union dated September 21, 2011.
Karen Piper, the plaintiff in this suit, was subjected to the high pitch sound of a nearby LRAD for several minutes during the protest. She got no warning before the alert started, according to the release.

“Piper immediately suffered intense pain as mucus discharged from her ear. She became nauseous and dizzy and developed a severe headache,” read the press release. “Since then, Piper has suffered from tinnitus (ringing of the ears), barotrauma, left ear pain and fluid drainage, dizziness and nausea. She still suffers from permanent nerve damage.”

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