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OCAP Raise the Rates Rally and March on the McGuinty Government

On April 15th, 700 People Marched to Demand a 40% Raise in Welfare and Disability Rates and a Re-instatement of the Special Diet

by Candace Mooers

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On March 25th 2010, the Ontario legislature passed the 2010 Ontario Provincial Budget. The budget cut the vital "Special Diet" programme for people on Welfare and Disability in the province.

This 29-minute radio documentary tells the story of poor communities fighting back.

Over 700 people (poor people and their allies) gathered in Allan Gardens in Toronto on Thursday, April 15th to demand a 40% raise in Welfare and Disability rates, and to demand a re-instatement of the Special Diet. The march was organized by the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP).

Featured speakers include members of the Jane and Finch Action Against Poverty, CUPE Ontario, No One Is Illegal, and many more. Thank you to everyone who made music, made noise, chanted, delivered speeches at the rallies, and shared their stories in interviews.

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