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AW@L Radio - 2012-01-20 - When Organising is a Crime, Organise!

by Dan Kellar

Friday January 20th 2012 - An extended Smash the State report, with guest co-host Julian Ichim starts this week show which also features an anti-prison/#freemumuia update and a G20 Report!

Smash the State Report:
reports from the SOApaRtycommittee new years-eve prison noise demos, the continued growth of the security state across the commonwealth, and London Ontario's battle with corporate villain Caterpillar. We also read an update from the Toronto Stop the Cuts protests against the austerity of Rob Ford, and we report of the death of freestyle skier Sarah Burke.

Anti- Prison:
Reports from Mumia Abu Jamal's ongoing mistreatment by the injustice system since being taken off of death row and we discuss a piece from commenting on Harper's #omnibus imprisonment bill - #C10

G20 Report
We read a piece Shailagh Keaney giving us an update on the continuing fallout from anti-capitalist organising from the dominion (, update on the Adam Nobady case and discuss police impunity. We finish with a discussion about the conspiracy of the crowns, and the ongoing criminalization of organising in canada.

see for statements from targets of the #g20toronto police state and for more #julianichim.

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