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Breaking: In Defense of Political Prisoner Marian Price

Interview (5mins) with Julian Ichim, Anti-Colonialist Working Group Occupies British Consulate

by Zach RuiterMegan Kinch

Ichim interviewed by RCMP Officer
Ichim interviewed by RCMP Officer
Image search for Marian Price
Image search for Marian Price

“We were there simply to take a stand in defense of Marian Price who is an Irish Republican prisoner being held and interned by Britain simply because of her politics” says Julian Ichim of the Anti-Colonialist Working Group.

The group successfully brought the name Marian Price to the attention of Torontonians and the British Consulate at 777 Bay St. with a delegation that delivered forty letters from key community members along with a banner. 

Ichim delivers a clear and well-rehearsed explanation of Price’s situation and its significance, “the reason she is in jail is because of her politics, because she is an Irish republican, she’s an unbound and unbroken Irish Republican”

According to Ichim, Price attended a rally and simply held up a piece of paper that was read aloud by another protestor, and last year she was arrested for that action. 

Price’s bail was then reversed by British Secretary of State Owen Patterson.

According to Ichim “the unelected British Secretary of State declared that he was interning her indefinitely without trial.”

The Anti-Colonialist Working Group plans on a sustained campaign to put pressure on Price’s captors by staging actions and continuing to raise awareness both within activist groups and on the streets.


TMC Editor/Contributor Megan Kinch, Twittered Live from the action,!/meganysta

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