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Interview with illogik

Raised Fist Collective / Test theirLogik

by Daniel Libby

MUSIC 'G8/G20 Crash the Meeting' Test theirLogik

Feature interview with Illogik of Test their Logik - Topics: Where's Testament? G20 Toronto protest, anarchist label, media portrayals, Torontonamo Bay detention, Test their Logik music, & more...

MUSIC 'Get Into It' Test their Logik (Testament & illogik)

Interview with illogik (cont'd) Topics: legal matters, Free Alex Hundert campaign, and predictions for G20 Seoul Summit (Nov. 11-12 2010)

MUSIC 'MK ULTRA' Test their Logik

LISTEN to the FULL Word of Mouth Wednesday October 13th 2010 show including audio reaction from the premiere screening of Toronto G20 Exposed, PLUS part 2 of of legendary Maestro Fresh Wes Williams speech at Manifesto 2010, and more... MP3

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