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56 year old disabled women faces eviction

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Press  release


  On Tuesday August   6  , 2013   a sheriff will be coming to 160 the esplanade apt 611, to evict  a 56 year old disabled women along with her caregiver and her dog.    


Ontario superior court of justice the honorable Justice K.E.  Swinton  gave this order on Thursday the 4, day of July  2013.


  The complainant co-operative  David B. Archer  Co-op pursued this eviction due to the acts of her husband Larry Hardiman her husband and primary caregiver for the past  8 years since her stroke.


   Loreta,s   care is supervised by the CACC Community Care Access Center , once informed of this eviction referred  Loreta to a critical housing specialist from a downtown social services , however all that he could suggest was that the Hardiman’s move to a market  priced  housing  of about $900.00  per month,  both Loreta and her husband have a combined income of approx.  $1383.00 monthly  which of that  $410.00 went to their subsidized apartment


   The Hardiman’s eviction nightmare started when Mr. Larry Hardiman  was arrested  in November 2011, shortly after the arrest  for several; fraud and theft related charges, the co-op  began the eviction process.  In a statement by Bruce Woodrow  before the  Ontario superior court  stated that “this arrest of Mr. hardiman was the straw that broke the camels back”   


   This case of Mr. Hardiman is not finished and  is set for trial in October and November  of 2013,  however  the co-op  board  has found Mr. Hardiman guilty without a trial.


   The greatest threat her however  is to Loreta Hardiman, she is paralyzed  on one side of her body, requires constant  supervision  and assistance in her everyday activities,  Her husband Larry hardiman , The CACC  and  a part time  caregiver are there for her care.


   The lawyer representing the Hardiman’s   in this matter is Richard  J. Braudo  at  416 459 3457  or email, who represented the Hardiman’s  pro bono. 


   The  co-op  was not wiling to enter into a pre application settlement under any circumstances that did not preclude Mr. Hardiman  from setting foot on the  co-op  property; ie  Mrs. Hardiman  would have no contact with Mr. Hardiman  if she remained as a single occupant.  As matters stand today  August 3, 2013  the co-operative was not willing to enter into any arrangement  to allow Loreta Hardiman to stay until  a social worker could find her suitable housing.


  The  hardiman financial situation is bleak. The o.d.s.p  considers  Loreta  is considered homeless because of the eviction order, therefore will not release any funds  to assist her move, even if she had a place to go.  So the Hardiman’s besides losing their housing stand to lose all their worldly possessions accumulated for the past 8 years of living in the co-op .


   Loreta health though stable through the use of medicines to control her seizures and her supervision by the CACC and Mr. larry hardiman who has always been there to administer her medicine  to avoid seizure’s on  a daily basis.


   When the offer of a settlement was first proposed to Mr. Hardiman  he found the offer unacceptable being her primary care giver  and her husband, not being allowed to see and care for his wife?


   This is a matter where property rights seem to take the place of human rights.    A judge can separate a couple when domestic abuse is  an issue,  but that’s not the case here. 


    A social worker José Dias RSW  416 226 6141  ext 3382  from  closing the gap healthcare group, attended to the Hardiman’s  issues, he suggested  that if Mr. Hardiman leave the co-op prior to the eviction date and voluntary separate from his wife, then perhaps he could  persuade  the co-op board to allow Loreta to stay until  suitable housing was found for her. Mr. Hardiman agreed to this, for the sake of his wife and found his own housing. This  however did not change the decision of the board to pursue. The eviction on august  5 2013


The act of putting Loreat Hardiman  out on the sidewalk puts her life in grave danger, without the care that she needs in her medications and being able to eat with her medicines  will increase the risk of her going into a seizure.



 The reason for this press release is all the assistance from social workers the o.d.s.p  and the The CACC  has not provided any viable options for the Hardimans.  They live on a amount of income which  just provides for their daily living, there is no room for savings on persons receiving O.D.S.P.  so moving  is not a present option. Also  the social worker  says  Loreta Cannot stay in  a shelter  due to her disabilities and medical needs.


If The Hardiman’s have any options they would sure like to hear them.


Loreta can be reached at 416 369 0895   and Larry Hardiman at 647  471  2990






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