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DOCUMENT: G20 Domestic Groups of Concern - from OCAP to Oxfam

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DOCUMENT: G20 Domestic Groups of Concern - from OCAP to Oxfam

About a year ago I played a large role in releasing the G20 Papers a large trove of security and intelligence documents that were made available to journalists, academics and the public at large. Documents based on those documents appeared in publications such as Globe and Mail,, Briarpatch and the Dominion. 


It was a lot of work to create an index that made the documents useful, and getting the documents online so that they could be downloaded. Unfortunately I chose to use a file sharing service to store the files, and the link has now expired so they can no longer be downloaded. Finding a more permanent archive for these files will take more time and energy than I have to spend on it. 


Since the release of the G20 Papers a lot of other G20 related security documents have been released through Access to Information requests.  I decided I would individually release some of these documents. 

In this post I am publishing a document called the JIG Dictionary. Among other things the document lists 22 organizations that have been listed as 'Domestic Groups of Concern'. The groups range from Southern Ontario Anarchist Resistance(SOAR), an anarchist group at the centre of a high profile conspiracy case, to Oxfam a charitable organization dedicated tobuilding lasting solutions to global poverty and injustice.  


The Following is a list of the Domestic Groups of Concern followed by a copy of the Document:


  1. Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP)
  2. Common Cause (CC)
  3. Community Mobilization Network (CMN)
  4. Rainforest Action Network (RAN)
  5. No One Is Illegal (NOII)
  6. Defenders of the Land
  7. Recession Relief Coalition
  8. Greenpeace
  9. People's Summit
  10. Anti-War @ Laurier (AW@L)
  11. Indigenous People Solidarity Movement Organization (IPSMO)
  12. Ontario Public Interest Resolution Group (OPIRG) 
  13. Exile Infoshop
  14. Regroupment Anti G20 Etudiant (RAGE)
  15. Southern Ontario Anarchist Resistance (SOAR)
  16. Climate Action Niagara/Greensaver (CAN)
  17. Convergence des Luttes Anti-Capitaliste 2010 (CLAC)
  18. Vancouver Media Coop (VMN)
  19. People;s Global Action (PGA)
  20. Red Power United
  21. OXFAM
  22. Council of Canadian (CLC)


Here is the Document:




Tim Groves is an investigative researcher and journalist based in Toronto. He can be reached at timgrovesreports [@] For more information on his work and writing, click here.

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Interesting Obsevation

It was pointed out to me that all the major NGOs involved with the People's Summit were included on this list. However none of the union or labour groups involved were included.

I took another look at the People's Summit. Here are a list of some groups involved:

"The steering committee of the People's Summit includes the Council of Canadians, Canadian Labour Congress, Canadian Federation of Students - Ontario, Canadian Peace Alliance, Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE), CUPE Ontario, Communications Energy and Paperworkers Union of Canada, Greenpeace, Ontario Council for International Cooperation, Polaris Institute, Rainforest Action Network, Toronto Community Mobilization Network, and the United Church. The website of the People's Summit is "

I am currious why some of these groups were not considered Domestic Groups of Concern, while others were?



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