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Toronto, ON

men and patriarchy working group info session

- 9:00pm
Thursday October 25 2012

Venue: OISE, 5th floor lounge
Address: 252 Bloor St West
Cost: 2 hours
Accessibility: wheelchair accessible, contact for concerns

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The Men and Patriarchy working group is inviting new members for fall/winter 2012. We are a project of the Toronto Anarchist Free school, began as a response to feminist interventions at the NAASN anarchist conference in 2010. Our goal is to support each other in analyzing how patriarchy operates in our lives and relationships, interrupting male supremacy, and putting into practice an intersectional and anti-oppression politics. In other words, this is a space designed for folks to 'work on their shit'. Our

reading and discussion draws from intersectionality to consider our personal and structural relationships to patriarchy, colonialism, racism, classism, ableism, hetero and cis-sexism. No previous knowledge is needed: we are looking to support all members in thinking through these issues regardless of experience or background.

If this sounds good to you, come join us for an intro meeting on October 25. The group functions through biweekly discussions of readings that challenge male-identified socialization and privilege. And the group operates non-hierarchically and by rotating facilitation. Each discussion is introduced by a different member and explores themes agreed upon by the group, including external suggestions or particular issues individuals are struggling with. We are asking, however, that new members commit to a “semester” long period of 3-4 months where we can count on their consistent and whole-hearted participation.

Please post here or contact if you have questions or accessibility concerns.

–Men and Patriarchy group members

UPDATE: We will be meeting on the 5th floor of the OISE building in the public space right next to the elevators.

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