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posted by Brad Evoy in on Sep 25, 2014 - View profile


From Food Security to Food Justice

A DisOrientation 2014 Event

Wednesday October 1 2014
- 2:00pm
Saturday November 1 2014

Venue: TBA
Address: TBA
Cost: FREE

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Food security for students is set against a backdrop of overall urban hunger issues in Toronto while often the “food movement” focuses on issues like organics, local foods and niche heirloom vegetables. Availability of food for all and lack of access whether through poverty, immigration status, racism and/or loss of traditional knowledges are frequently neglected. Food justice takes into account the full picture of the where, what and how food is grown, along with transportation, distribution and access to food with a goal of eliminating inequalities. Food is everyday politics and intersects with environmental issues, decolonization, land rights, worker rights, migration, health, income inequalities and more. This panel will attempt to connect University of Toronto students and community members with on campus and community initiatives while providing an educational and critical jumping off point for further discussion.


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Topics: Education

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