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posted by Brad Evoy in on Sep 25, 2014 - View profile


Reclaim the Beautiful Game: Fighting Oppression in Sport

A DisOrientation 2014 Event

- 6:30pm
Thursday October 2 2014

Venue: Front Campus Field
Cost: FREE

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In the wake of the protests and resistance in Brazil during the World Cup, a group of soccer players began questioning and challenging the exploitative, and often marginalizing aspects of the sport we had come to love. Armed with a pair of cleats, a soccer ball, and a commitment to sharing the sport, we began organizing soccer games with the aim of reclaiming the sport of soccer from the practices we saw as marginalizing, oppressive and exclusionary. At Reclaim the Beautiful Game we believe in creating inclusive spaces by rooting ourselves within an anti-oppressive framework, and endeavor to dismantle hierarchies within the sport by emphasizing the game as a cooperative and participatory space.

Join us for a friendly game of soccer and be part of our journey to create an accessible, fun sport, no matter what your skill level! You can reach us at if you have further questions.

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Topics: Education

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