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'Keep CKLN on the Airwaves'

Radio Is Dead? Protest Hour

by CKUT News Collective

NOTE: The general meeting referred to in this interview has already taken place on Monday January 29th 2010, but look out for more meetings and info at

MONTREAL - CKUT's 'Radio Is Dead?' is sadly and aptly appropriate, as the hour is dedicated to our sister station in Toronto - CKLN 88.1 FM. This program is in solidarity with CKLN in the face of the Canadian Radio, Television and Telecommunications Commission’s decision to revoke Toronto’s first campus radio station’s license. On Friday, January 28th, the station was given two weeks left to broadcast. In 2007 the CRTC renewed CKLN’s license for seven years

Featured Speakers/Commentators: Kristin Schwartz, former news coordinator Kristiana Clemens, former CKLN volunteer and staff Robbie, Hip Hop Listener Darren Copeland, CKLN programmer and part of NAISA Anna and Joeita, Frequency Feminisms co-hosts on CKLN Daniel Libby, Word of Mouth

DOWNLOAD the full 31/01/2011 show archive MP3 here

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