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Canadian laws invitation to commit fraud & steal your home in secret.

Blog posts reflect the views of their authors. . You have never heard of this website but before you invest in real estate in Canada you had better become aquainted with the reality of just how criminal our laws are.  And as a registered owner you have no legal protection in our laws whatsever!!  Anyone can put their name on title in sectret and you do not even have the right to be notifed.  Billions in real estate theft, mortgage fraud, estate embezzlement every year, all made legal by a law so criminal it is banned in every country but Canada.  All documented evidence is on this site.  Every member of parliament, Federal and Province, every Party Leader, including the Globe & Mail, all main stream news media,  is well aware that our laws are an invitation to commit fraud, that our legal system is so corrupt victims lose everything becoming homeless and don't give a damn.  Our court and legal system is so corrupt it makes Russia look like a democarcy.  You will never learn about the truth in any journal because the truth has been covered up for hundreds of years.  

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