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Anti-G20 Solidarity Action in Toronto, Ontario

by anonymous

On the night of Sunday June 27th – Monday June 28th two Bank of Montreal branches were attacked in Toronto, Ontario. We smashed several windows on the bank at the corner of Christie and Dupont. At another, near the corner of Ossington and Dundas, we glued shut the card slot of its ATM before smashing its screen; we then broke several window and walked away.

We caused this damage to respond to the arrests that happened earlier that day, as well as to attack the larger context of this repression. Bank of Montreal provides financial support for the development of the Toronto South Detention Centre, an large expansion on a prison in Mimico. This expansion will replace the existing Toronto Jail in 2012 with new high-tech and sterile forms of incarceration.

Solidarity means attack! Against all repression and its prisons!

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