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-- WHY TO OCCUPY? In Favour of the 99% --

New website in support of the movement now online!

by Michelle BouzideDarren Alexander

Why To Occupy?
Why To Occupy?

We designed this site as a go-to for anyone who might care to sample the many good reasons, valid issues, and eloquent explanations that are being offered to support the growing OCCUPY movement.

The support comes from a myriad of mortals--economists, actors, writers, musicians, veterans, scientists, gurus, pundits, personalities--the list goes on. And will grow. Heck, even the US Chairman of the Federal Reserve has chimed in with encouragement. Go figure.

So if anyone tells you this movement is just a bunch of scruffy kids passing the time--send them here.
If anyone says there is no cohesive cause to the message, send them here.
If your local reporters suggest this is just another rabble-ridden protest that is bound to dwindle and die--send them here.

And be sure to pass this site on and share it with as many of your friends, relatives, and colleagues as possible. Especially the doubters!

Finally, if you have any suggestions for additions to the site, be sure to let us know. Just click on the envelope and drop us a line or link.

In solidarity,

Darren Alexander
Michelle Bouzide

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