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Actions Against Enbridge, Line 9 & the Tarsands Continue in Hamilton

by anonymous

Actions Against Enbridge, Line 9 & the Tarsands Continue in Hamilton
Actions Against Enbridge, Line 9 & the Tarsands Continue in Hamilton

Today a small group of people went door-to-door in Westover.

Make that mailbox-to-mailbox.

While many residents were not particularly receptive to this type of information during the occupation of Enbridge's North Westover Pumping Station some individuals hoped that putting the information on paper and making it available in other ways would reveal certain truths and win some support in the battle against line 9 and the tarsands.

Over the past couple days a small team of folks from the Hamilton area put together a professional looking brochure [attached to this post] spoofing some parts of the last one released by Enbridge [ found here ], detailing citable facts about Enbridge's poor safety record and their treatment of indigenous people, cultures and lands. The brochure also outlines the connections between the environmentally devestating tarsands project and climate change.

Today, Monday July 8th that team hit the roads in Westover, ON with their bikes, depositing those printed pamphlets into the mailboxes of residents in Westover.

With a little luck we're continuing to build the local resistance to line 9 and the tarsands.


In sol with others in this struggle,


[posted on behalf of an anonymous collective]


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