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Anti-Colonialist Working Group Crash British Consulate In Solidarity With Black Mountain Irish Republicans in Belfast

by Julian Ichim

Inside the British Consulate in Toronto, Ontario
Inside the British Consulate in Toronto, Ontario
Julian Ichim and the Acting Consul General of the British Consulate in Toronto, Ontario
Julian Ichim and the Acting Consul General of the British Consulate in Toronto, Ontario

On the morning of Friday July 6th members of the Anti-Colonialist Working Group crashed the British Consulate in Toronto demanding justice for the victims of loyalist mob violence on Black Mountain during the recent Queen’s visit to Belfast.

Today members of the Anti-Colonialist Working Group from both Kitchener and Toronto unfurled a five yard long blood-red banner inside the British Consulate. It read “BRITISH DEATH SQUADS OUT OF IRELAND” in bold letters. They demanded to speak with someone in order to read their statement and ensure that a copy be forwarded to the unelected British Secretary of State of Northern Ireland, Owen Patterson.

They were greeted by the Acting Consul General whose voice was full of fake concern - good old fashioned British politeness which is so sickly-sweet and irritatingly dismissive. He said, “if you had booked an appointment and I knew you were coming, I would have worn my suit” … which basically means he would have made arrangements to have more cops.

The statement was concerning the Police Services of Northern Ireland (PSNI) provoking and facilitating this attack on Irish Republicans, making it clear that they are no different than the Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC).  Afterwards they engaged in the nauseating exchange of bullshit pleasantries and took to the streets to picket. They handed out 300 flyers and received enthusiastic responses from passers-by: Irish immigrants, concerned families, and members of the working class.

The Anti-Colonial Working Group in Canada salutes the brave people of Belfast who are holding steadfast with their ideologies in the face of mass political repression. They demand the end to the British occupation of the six counties and freedom for all Irish political prisoners and Prisoners of War.

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