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Anti-pipeline activists occupy Enbridge plant

by Justin Saunders

Anti-pipeline activists occupy Enbridge plant

Several dozen activists have occupied Enbridge's North Westover Station. The Westover site lies along the route of Line 9, an oil pipeline which Enbridge is currently trying to reverse to carry Albertan crude oil, potentially including diluted bitumen from the Tar Sands.

The occupation began shortly after 6:30am this morning, and organizers have indicated they plan to stay. Tents, supplies, a compost toilet and even a kitchen have already showed up on the site. Although the occupation includes a blockade of the main gate, Enbridge workers have been allowed to enter and leave the site. The North Westover Station is the site of extensive construction, and sits across the road from the main plant.

After a shift change, replacement workers ceased work at the site in response to the occupation. Police showed up after three hours, but so far have made no move to intervene. This story is developing.

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