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Homeless Tent City

by Karen Dawe

Homelessness is a violent condition to live with ongoing. The streets are full of self sufficient homeless people that need resources and attention and to bond together and that way there is safety in seeking out resources that are a valued resource.
The mechanisms that were used to build in the nafta trade agreement was put across over a thirty year period. The G20 which was decided by the private partnerships itsel that have been shaping cities across Canada and is sucking up all our resources. It is provincial legislation not federal and therefore the legislators are delegated to perform the actions of government. An action would be to corrupt the flow of public resources and to downsize government to bite size pieves that will not survive the new Mega cities and that will most likely implement tne agreement as secondary to the USA trade market. The homelessness created by the massive and sweeping changes to our legislation is the driving theory behind the changes to legislators responsibilities. I closing homelessness is cited as illegal and a farce. It is far from it. It is a legitimate and bargaining unit with which to build lives of hope on. Tonight I met a new friend and his name is CJ and he is interested in starting a movement based in hope in homelessness.

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