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Occupy London Reunion

October 20th 2012

by *The Indignants*Bailey GoldmanMike Roy

Occupy London Reunion
It’s been over a year since Occupy Wall Street made international headlines and Occupy camps started appearing around the globe. It developed into a movement that would not only change our understanding of the word “occupy”, but would begin an ongoing, consciousness raising fight against the corporate elite, environmental destruction, austerity measures, the growing gap between the rich and poor,
and all of the social justice issues in between that are intrinsically connected to our global capitalist agenda. London Ontario is no exception, and last October we saw activists join together with students, workers, as well as professors and other “professionals” in order to combat social inequality in our local community, in solidarity with Occupy movements around the world. Today is Occupy London Ontario’s one year anniversary, and it’s been one hell of a ride.

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