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Shelling of Palestinians continues as troops are pulled to prepare for mass bombing in Damascus

by Julian Ichim

Shelling of Palestinians continues as troops are pulled to prepare for mass bombing in Damascus7 Nov

Below is a first hand account of the continous shelling and attacks on Palestinian refugees in Yarmouk refugee camp in Damascus. Once again the Palestinian people are victims of the games of the big political powers due to the fact that they have been chased out of their homeland. The media is silent on this, of course, and cares more about Obama vs Romney then reporting on the massacre and murder of Palestinians.

today from the early morning the shelling started targeting a bakery which was working and a lot of people were waiting in front of to get bread “forn syam” causing many injuries in the place as people were evacuating from their homes in tadamon and palestine street area in yarmouk camp and alhajar alaswad to safer places inside the camp .. and at 2 pm 4 shells targeted al orobah neighborhood causing 2 serious injuries … and an other shell or canon bomb hit the saha area in palestine street al sayed building and burned the oil tank… two guys were killed adham yehia hamood and basel waheed abu oon …and all the places that people took refuge in are calling for help with food and medicine … another shell fell on alquds street near the PFLP-Democratic Front causing a huge fire in the place … mosques are calling out for people to go down to lower floors in their buildings due to the heavy shelling … moayad zuhir taha was killed by a sniper and schools of the UNRWA were opened for people to take refuge in aand tomorrow is a day off for children from school for the fifth day in a row …another shell fell 3 hours ago on the saha area in palestine street and three shells fell on lobieh street om alfahem avenue causing 4 serious injuries >>>>
news are talking about the regime is getting ready to do a major military operation in yarmouk camp and tadamon area since the regime has taken his security forces and all the pro regime armed civilians shabeeha from nisreen street to safe place out side of those areas but i think that is unlikely to happen since the army of the regime doesnt have control on ground in those areas unless they do massacre with bombs to open their way into these areas i hope nothing happens but we all fear this possibility …


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