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Shelling of Palestinians in Damascus refugee camps continues

by Julian Ichim

Shelling of Palestinians in Damascus refugee camps continues

This is the third day of constant shelling and shooting in Palestinian Refuggee camp yarmouk in Damascus, the bloodshed caused by the imperialist powers continues and once again the Palestinians are victims
………..below is a first hand account of a friend in the refuggee camp

today from the morning the day started with the heavy shelling for the third day in a row … the syrian security forcees raided the offices of the palestinian movement HAMAS … and heavy gun shooting started at the vegetables market and palestine street where adnan koptan and ramzy alaswad who was checking his house in palestine street , both guys were killed by a sniper … and mohamad qwaider died today from his injuries from last night’s shelling… shells were droped on altadamon and yarmouk camp for palestinians refugees … and ahmad mosa abu ras was killed at the end of palestine street by a sniper… a bomb droped in the gold market at lobieh street as people were getting their necessary stuff and moving into safer places and all the UNRWA schools in yarmouk camp declared for the third day tomorrow as a day off from school because of the barbaric bombing … another man killed Amer Albahlwan from the shelling another bomb on the saha area in palestine street and another one at lialina ballroom the the splinters reached huge areas which made a tank of oil – for winter heating-explode on a roof top near the explosion to explode
a lot of palestinian refugees were killed in the Syrian revolution against the regime …The UN estimates the number of palestinian refugees in syria to be 500000 people about 500 palestinians killed by the regime since the begining of the revolution on 15th of march 2011 … and 25000 syrians killed according to human rights .


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