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by Daniel Libby - Toronto Media Co-Op Contributor

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07/12/2010 MARTIAL LAW exists currently in the Province of Ontario, Canada, through the 'Public Works Protection Act' of 1939 which has remained in 'hibernation' until being dusted off in 2010 and secretly enacted by the Ontario government, except instead of being used to protect public infrastructure from attacks by the Third Reich this time it was used to trap the people of Toronto while a secret meeting of the global elite and World leaders took place... This video features the press release of the controversial Watchdog Report 'Caught In The Act' an Investigation into the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services conduct in relation to the Ontario Regulation 233/10 under the Public Works Protection Act by André Marin, Ombudsman of Ontario, & a SORT Special Ombudsman Response Team researched events surrounding the G20 Toronto. Also includes social media clips from youtube, Chief Blair on CBC, and Detainee Chronicles: Tales from Torontonomo Studios about detention treatment during martial law conditions, and more... Read the 'Caught In The Act' report: LINK

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