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Twenty Protesters Arrested at Tar Sands Blockade

by Swamp Line 9

JUNE 26, 2013
CONTACT: 1-226-678-8903 (on-site); Syed Hussan, 416-453-3632, (off-site)

(Hamilton, ON) -- Hamilton Police moved on to the #SwampLine9 protest action in Ontario this morning mass arresting almost everyone on site including activists further up the street and the police liaison.

Activists have been occupying an Enbridge pumping station north of Hamilton, Ontario early Thursday morning. This action, dubbed Swamp Line 9, aims to prevent construction on Line 9 and block the transport of Tar Sands through Ontario and Quebec. This action is also part of the Idle No More campaign Sovereignty Summer.

News is developing. Much of the photographic evidence was seized but some video footage will be coming soon.


"This pipeline puts the health of drinking water of millions of people at risk of an oil spill yet Enbridge used the courts and police to arrest 20 people who wanted to protect their lives and our future.

This was a political action. We demand the immediate release of those arrested and insist that their charges be dropped.

The police went above and beyond the limits of the court order by arresting people off the property - people who were on the side walk, and even the police liaison who was on the street. This heavy-handed tactic comes at the heels of Hamilton police receiving over $44,000 from Enbridge recently.

Destructive Enbridge projects across Ontario, and Tar Sands projects across the country will continue to be resisted."

Press Statement on Injunction, June 25:
Media Advisory on Injunction:
Solidarity Action in Support of Line 9:




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