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Commie Pinkos Go Viral!! You-Tube Video and Poster Contest



The Year of our Ford is upon us.  And it's not gonna be pretty.

Rob Ford swept to power on his populist “working man” appeal, despite the fact that he is a millionaire and is gearing up to slash the very services we depend on most.  Less than two weeks in, he's already preparing to blow $15 million a year on new cops that even the police chief doesn't want and costing us millions and millions of dollars by scrapping Transit City for his asinine subway expansion wet dream...

Here's a chance to help inform, inspire, and energize the growing opposition to Ford's agenda.

Stick it to Ford!
Win Fabulous Prizes!

Submit an entry to OCAP's “Commie Pinkos” You-tube video and poster competition!

The themes:
•Cut the cops and fund services
•Ford's no friend of the working class

Points to be awarded for creativity, factual accuracy, and wit
and please... spare us the fat jokes!

Deadline for submissions: January 31, 2011

Read on for important contest details:
Video Category: Upload your video to You-Tube and email us the link, at with the subject heading: “video submission”. Your video must be no more than 3 minutes in length.

Poster Category:  Email your poster submission to: with the subject heading: “poster submission” as a jpg, tiff, or pdf file at no more than 300 dpi.

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