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Flag of the G8 and G20 Axis

by Grim Reaper

A previous post of this picture on the Halifax Media Coop website was deleted by "someone", which is censorship. I thought the Media Coop is supposed to be open to free expression of controversial content which, apparently, it isn't. The meaning of the picture is self-evident but, for the person who deleted it, it isn't so I will explain. The G8 and G20 are fascist organizations which primarily represent the globalization interests of multinational corporations. Proof of that is the turning of downtown Toronto into a heavily fortified police state fortress interfereing with and denying the civil rights of citizens of Toronto and those who use downtown Toronto. The Nazis proclaimed that they wanted to rule the world, isn't that the agenda of the G8 and, by extension, the G20?

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Although I agree with a lot of the comments made here regarding the agenda of the G8 and G20 summits, as someone who lost a lot of family at the hands of the National Socialist Movement in Europe leading to and during WWII I think there is no comparison.

  Overly policed? Absolutely. The systematic murdering of more than 6 million people (Jews, Roma, the differently abled, anarchists etc.) who did not fit into a warped, idealized notion of the uber-state? Hardly. While I don't think it should be deleted, let the creators of this image realize that through the use of this symbol, they have truly offended at least one person and I suspect many more who have just chosen not to voice it.

  Choose another symbol to represent your anger. The swastika is already heavily laden with its own emotion and socio-political agenda and its ill-thought out  use here does nothing to further any of the valid causes and concerns  mentioned. It seems like an easy and opportunistic way to add shock value - much like the beating of police batons against shields in an attempt to scare people.



In answer to your comments, I purposely used the NAZI swastika flag, modified to include the G8 and G20, because it is a readily identified and extremely provocative symbol/icon of fascist totalitarianism that inherently expresses the true nature, intent, and behaviour of the G8 and, by extension, the G20. Yes, the NAZIs, with the active and passive help of collaborators, exterminated 6 million (or more) Jews as part of their policy of achieving racial "purity" and the greatest theft of property in history, but the NAZIs began as a small group, as the G8 is, and expanded, as the G8 has into the G20, and they established brownshirt (SA) and blackshirt (SS) paramilitary forces (the Spanish and Italian fascist paramilitary forces also wore black), as has the G8 and G20, to intimidate and attack the opponents of the NAZI fascist agenda, as has the G8 and G20 against those who oppose them, to rule the world and remake/"perfect" it as they determined and dictated, as has the G8 and G20. Ultimately, the NAZIs and their collaborators initiated a world war which resulted in immense destruction of property and culture and the death of 50 million people. Like the NAZIs before and during their reign of terror, before and during the 2010 G8 and G20, the Canadian military was on heightened alert and standby and the federal, provincial, and municipal police forces were amalgamated into a single entity of armed blackshirts used to enforce a provincial regulation, passed and communicated secretely, to protect the G20 (not the citizens and property of Toronto) through the terror, intimidation, repression, suppression, and arrest, of overwhelmingly innocent citizens excersizing their democratic and Charter rights (

I was there, at the Eaton Centre, and elsewhere, and observed the cowardly and fascist behaviour of the police who didn't intervene in any of the violent and destructive acts perpetrated by the so-called "Black-Bloc" while they were occurring (some of the "Black-Bloc" are suspected to be disguised police acting as agents provocateurs because of their wearing the same brand-new police/military footwear that the police wore, their muscular buids, and the absence of police when windows were smashed and the lack of police intervention on Yonge St. and other streets and when police cars were attacked (one with a police officer in it) and, much later, torched and, instead, attacked and arrested a huge number (900+ ) of mainly innocent people without any bonafide reason (some were arrested for just wearing black or having a backpack or recording the events, including some who were sleeping in parks, the University of Toronto land, and their homes (by breaking in and without search warrants, and detained in makeshift overcrowded holding "pens" outdoors, exposed to a very severe 3 hour downpour, without adequate food (one thin single cheese slice sandwich slathered with margerine which cause many to puke), little or no water, inadequate toilet facilities, threats of rape by police (there are allegations of actual sexual assaults, public strip-searching (some of which were women strip-searched by male police present and participating), inadequate legal support for the prisoners, etc., etc., etc. (

Huntsville and Toronto were subjected to an invasion by the totalitarian G8 and G20 regime and the imposition of a police state. Notwithstanding the extermination of the Jews by the NAZIs, isn't that similar enough to the NAZIs to warrant the use of their swastika symbol/icon to represent the G8 and G20?

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