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The Left vs the Right

by Mk

the Warriors
the People struggle
the Pink Block
No one is illegal.
We call bullshit on the 'leaders'
ClassWar. Beautiful banner.
The blood of society. Dignity for migrants!  Down with the borders! Papers for all!
If your not anti-capitalist, you're a capitalist
the Bolsheviks think labor should get tough
Black Bloc backin' up socialism

The march was full of Socialists of all ages, young and older Anarchists, queer folks, impoverished people, migrants, unions.

I was impressed by the black and red throughout the mass.  I saw the character of the People is socialist.  It's an old struggle, and the right is still in control of the world. 

I've never heard of anyone who refuted Marx in his analysis of the stratas of society.  Maybe I'm not well enough read. Anyone?  

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