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Rallying against tar sands financing

by Toban Black

At the local RBC (Royal Bank of Canada) headquarters

July 17th was an international day of action against tar sands.

We leafletted outside the RBC office/branch, and we used the megaphone to tell people about the devastation from tar sands investments from RBC (the Royal Bank of Canada).

The Facebook event call-out for our local protest mentioned how...
"The tar sands are the single worst climate threat in the world, and the second fastest cause of deforestation. Pollution from the Alberta tar sands poisons surrounding native communities, while vast quantities of water and energy also are wasted to mine and process this underground tar. In nearby Sarnia and elsewhere, converting this tar into oil also entails more pollution for everyone in the area. In these and other ways, the tar sands are an absolute nightmare."

In addition to the signs that you can see in these photos, we also had our "Create a better world" banner out there.

See the Flickr copies of the photos for more remarks.  The sign about Fort Chipewyan, Sarnia, and other front-line communities warranted the most background writing.

After our tar sands protest, all of us went to the rally for civil liberties. I spoke at the city hall rally to give a shortened version of this statement from the climate justice group. We had the "Civil liberties, not corporate liberties" sign out at both of the protests that day.

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