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ISSUE #2. 99: Dispatches for Occupy Toronto

straight from the Occupation site in downtown Toronto.

by Toronto Media Co-op

ISSUE #2.  99: Dispatches for Occupy Toronto


Issue # 2 of 99, a new broadsheet covering Occupy Toronto, building on momentum from our other broadsheet The Spoke.  This issue features:

The First 48 Hours by Alex Balch

Flight Attendants doubt Federal Government Willing to Change by Brian Robinson

Food for Change: A Demonstration Marches on Its Stomach by Megan Kinch

What Do We Demand: Most Pressing Issues from Occupy Toronto by Eli Horwatt and Salah Hassanpour

Photos from Mike Barber and the Liberation Cooperative Organization in Toronto (LCO-TOR)

99 is a media collaboration among the Toronto Media Coop and other independent media projects, which operates as an independent outlet for citizen journalism, radical media, and no-corporate coverage of the Occupy Toronto movement and its related global struggles. While we share some of the goals and ideals, we are in no an official organ of Occupy Toronto, nor would we be so presumptuous as to speak for such a broad and diverse movement. We aim to report on the multiplicity of goals and motivations in Occupy Toronto as best we can, while maintaining critical distance as independent journalists.

This issue of 99 is sponsored by the Food Team at Occupy Toronto. Message from the Food Team: "We just cooked 350 lbs of raw material for the movement in off-site  commercial kitchens. If we get more places to cook we can keep this going forever. The Food Team needs commercial kitchens! if you can help, write


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