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Police Brutality at Osgoode Hall

4 occupiers arrested, 2 beaten, 3 arrests for simply recording

by Darryl Richardson

Screengrab from YouTube
Screengrab from YouTube
Eviction notive that was served to Occupy Osgoode.
Eviction notive that was served to Occupy Osgoode.
The map attached to the eviction notice.
The map attached to the eviction notice.
Angela at a press conference on Saturday, photo from CP24.
Angela at a press conference on Saturday, photo from CP24.

This story is being live updated as we get more information.

Update: John Erb and Alice Evonic were arrested again on April 17th at Yonge&Dundas Square, presumably for some sort of bail violation, we will share more information as it becomes available.

Behind Osgoode Hall at around 2 PM today Angela sent out a text that police were at Osgoode Hall with an eviction notice. The occupiers complied with the eviction notice and began packing up the camp. The legitimacy of the notice is in question as it is not on any offical letterhead nor does it bear a signature. Johh Erb then engaged in a boisterous and emotional speech with regards to our rights. He was demanding to know the arresting officers' superior, and their division. The police demanded that he leave, when he refused they placed him in cuffs. 

Angela who had been recording the arrest was asked to stop. When she refused she was thrown to the ground, as the officer was attempting to cuff her he punched her in the face with his handcuffs. The entire time she was screaming that she was not resisiting. Both she and other occupiers around her stated she had a back injury and was unable to place her hands behind her back, she was also wearing a backpack. The ambulance was called but it took approximatley 20 minutes to arrive while John and Angela sat on the curb. Another occupier who was recording Angela's arrest was arrested for recording, subsequently the person who recorded that arrest was also placed in cuffs and taken away. Jeff described it as a "cascade effect". 

Members of Occupy attempted to visit hospitals and ascertain the condition of the injured protesters at 6 PM on Friday.  Angela was at St. Michael's Hospital at 6 PM yesterday, her left eye was badly injured and required 6 stitches. John was at Toronto General under police guard- reportedly the same police who beat him.  Bail hearings were held at Old City Hall starting at 10 AM on Saturday. 

In a press release Toronto Police announced the charges as follows:

John Erb, 44: cause disturbance, assault with intent to resist arrest, assault peace officer, possession of marijuana and fail to comply probation. John has just been released after 2 weeks in custody. His conditions are extensive: Reside in Niagara Falls and phone in monthly to the detective at 52 division. Abstain from communicating directly with Alice Evonic, Craig Poirier or Angela Turvey, not to possess ingest drugs, not to go within 50 m of the superior court, not to possess any weapons(even though he isn't known to carry any) and in the JoP's words " Not to attend any unlawful gathering if known to be unlawful by the defendant".

Craig Poirier, 35: obstruct peace officer, assault with intent to resist arrest and possession of marijuana. As of Monday he was released on conditions not to attend osgoode or associate with John Erb or Angela Turvey.

Alice Evonic, 19: obstruct peace officer. She has been released, no word yet on what conditions she may be under.

Angela Turvey, 36: obstruct peace officer and assault with intent to resist arrest. Anglea is relased on bail, with the condition that she not go within 25 m of Osgoode hall. Police SIU says they are opening an investigation into her injuries, which include a broken nose and a fracutred orbital bone. Witnesses are asked to contact SIU at 416-622-2314 or 1-800-787-8529 extension 2314.

Police listed all occupiers as being "of no fixed address".While the press release describes it as a "Trespass Investigation" no one was charged with trespassing.

People gathered for a solidarity protest at 7 PM outside Osgoode Hall and marched over to 52 division. 80 protesters blocked the road outside the police station, and then marched to Queen and University and held the intersection there for a few minutes. While marching up university back to Occupy Osgoode the police got aggressive, using a bicycle as a weapon and throwing it at the crowd. One protester was arrested, he was denied bail in a hearing Saturday afternoon and will be back in court on Monday. After the release of all those arrested at Osgoode Hall Stefan remains incarcerated.

rally occured Saturday afternoon at 4:30 PM at Old City hall, marching to 52 division.

Friday's mass demonstration was tense but largely peaceful, media reports put numbers at 75-100 activists.

Occupy Toronto has been evicted from Osgoode Hall. Police arrived at 6:30 AM Thursday to enforce the eviction notice issued last week. They were equipped with a backpack loudspeaker. Approximatley 10 occupiers were charged with trespassing, there was no violence.

With files from Megan Kinch.



Press release from Toronto Police attached

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I find it odd that the police label this as a trespass investigation, yet no one was charged with trespassing.

The Costs of "Non-Compliance"

Aside from this being yet another instance of terrible brutality inflicted by the brutal thugs of the Toronto Pig Department, it's a good example of how violent these thugs can get when people do not obey without question their "orders."

Most of the time, when a "peace officer" gives somebody an "order," they obey it without question, usually out of deference to their authority, though sometimes because they fear the consequences of challenging them.  Nothing pisses off a cop more than when somebody challenges their authority.  In their world, any act of "non-compliance" is viewed as a threat to be dealt with swiftly and forcefully. This is one reason why they have a particular hatred of anarchists and other radical activists who do not submit willingly to arbitrary demands of obedience or "compliance" (while having no problem with activists who play by the rules and do not challenge them).

Year's ago, while having a beer with some friends, we witnessed a mass police "take-down" of homeless people and their supporters across the street.  When we went outside to investigate, we were immediately confronted by a group of cops who "ordered" us to back off.  When one of our group started to argue with them, a cop said "Look, I'm a police officer; does that mean anything to you?" ["Yes, it means you're our enemy"].  These cops were so arrogant and entitled that when the homeless folks' lawyer went to investigate, the cops arrested him, too.

The filming of cops, which due to new technolgies has become so common that practically anybody with a cell phone can be a documentary film-maker, has created a new set of problems for the cops.  So in typical cop style, they're dealing with it by attacking the film-makers.  It bears mentioning that filming the cops is lawful activity, though you'd never know it by the hysterical and abusive reactions of the cops whenever somebody aims a camera at them.

I commend the courage of these folks in standing up to the cops and wish them all success in fighting these charges and holding the Toronto cops to account for their violent and illegal behaviour.

What is the ministry of

What is the ministry of information anyway? Who is the minister of information? is it like the ministry of magic or something?

Infrastructure Ontario

"Infrastructure Ontario is a crown corporation wholly owned by the Province of Ontario and established by the Ontario Infrastructure and Lands Corporation Act, 2011 that defines our responsibilities to our shareholder.  Infrastructure Ontario is guided by Provincial Capital Plans, which build on the success of the ReNew Ontario and the Province’s Building a Better Tomorrow framework."


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