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Reports of brutality vs protesters, journalists at peaceful demonstration

by Tim McSorley

Reports of brutality vs protesters, journalists at peaceful demonstration


We are receiving updates from journalists.  Below are summarized accounts:

UPDATE 5:25pm: From Dawn: The march is on college, just passed Bay. There is a huge police presence with full riot gear. Police are also out on horses and have filled the alleyways. I saw at least 2 people I know get isolated from us by police. I assume they are being detained.

There has been extreme brutality towards journalists. Reports of journalists being punched in the face.

Tensions are high, but are being ramped up by police. Spirits are still high among protesters though: people are still dancing in the streets. The area is highly militatised with lots of undrecovers. We know that some have been released, but that they are injured. The march will keep going though people are in good spirits despite police deploying in excessive amounts. We will be conitnuing on to the tent city.

UPDATE 5:30pm From Jesse F: People are being arrested, but don't know who or why. Crowds have been surrounding police chanting "Let them go." Poice then formed a perimeter around arrestees. They began attacking people behind the line. People were thrown to the ground by their necks. I was thrown by the neck. They have also been punching people in face. Saw a police officer punch a woman in the face. I was punched in the face twice and pushed out of the permineter. Pushed back in to interview the offier who punched me to find out why. He then stole my mic, threw it down and police kicked it around. Gave it back after about 10 minutes.

UPDATE 5:35pm: From Sean: some arrests began when one bike cop bumped into another from behind. The one bumped turned around and began arresting people.

UPDATE 5:45pm: from Amy: Protest at Univresity and Gerrard. There are approximately 200 police circling protesters and splitting the crowd. Witnesses say this is all because a police officer took a marchers umbrella.

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