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Ride for Freedom

Bike Block & Prison Solidarity

by lucho

Ride for Freedom

 Sun June 27 2010

Toronto G20 Summit


As the G20 leaders packed up and left Toronto, cyclists took to the streets to reclaim them as safe a space for pedestrians and to protest the ecocide of the G20s economic agenda.


Around two hundred cyclists gathered at Bloor & Spadina forming into a “bike block” to ride around downtown, slowing traffic and causing economic disruption. Police initially attempted to contain the peaceful demonstrators but cyclists asserted their freedom of peaceful assembly and pushed through onto the streets.


Police made several other attempts to thwart the ride however the “critical massers” were mobilizing faster then the police could adapt. The group made several circuits through downtown gaining numbers and momentum as they moved, then headed east to the temporary detention center where over 500 protesters where being held.


A group of several hundred cyclists arrived at Pape and Eastern Ave and proceeded to block the streets in front of the prison. A standoff between the bike block and riot police ensued, with protesters demanding the release of their comrades and police threatening to disperse the crowd with pain compliance weapons.


Several bicycles were snatched by police who also attempted to detain those who they perceived as organizers, but the crowd remained strong and defiant as an impromptu spokes-council emerged to negotiate with police who were clearly confused by the groups’ lack of leaders.


Eventually the cyclists agreed to clear the streets if the police began to free the detainees, and over the next several hours, dozens of protesters were freed to cheers from the crowd who greeted them with food and water and hugs.


All power to the people.

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