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Rights becoming a relic

by Munroe Scott

Published On Mon Jul 5 2010 in the Toronto Star letters to the editor.

So our beloved Queen, while in Winnipeg, laid the cornerstone for a Museum of Human Rights. And a few days before that she visited Ottawa’s Museum of Natural History. How appropriate.

This all took place a mere few days after the G20 fiasco in Toronto, which saw unprecedented police brutality, violations of habeas corpus, indiscriminate mass arrests, incarceration without due process, clandestine restrictive legislation and numerous other oppressive frivolities.

We all know that museums preserve rare artifacts from the past, such as totem poles and King Tut’s mask. They also chronicle extinctions, such as that of dinosaurs. It is alarming that we are making such haste in officially relegating human rights to a museum.

Munroe Scott, Peterborough

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