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Statement from the Southern Ontario Anarchist Resistance: In "Carnage" We Find Beauty.


Statement from the Southern Ontario Anarchist Resistance: In "Carnage" We Find Beauty.

This is a repost that was found on various interspaces on July 6th 2010.


We write this statement in unwavering defiance to the ongoing attempt to silence us: those who militantly voice their opposition to this ecocidal, colonial- capitalist state, and the corporations that profit from its systemic violence. The state does not represent us, and we do not consent to its rule or its racist, patriarchal 'justice' system, which only serves to uphold the interests of the ruling elite. In regards to the ongoing scapegoating of anarchists in a debacle reminiscent of the McCarthy era: This 'black scare' will not work. Nor is it an exception. It is a continuation of the violence our sick society perpetuates everyday in attempts to legitimize its existence through the exclusion and brutalization of other bodies including those who resist its non consensual domination. Nor is the brutal police repression of this past week an exception. On the contrary, this repression is an illustration of the continual injustice marginalized communities face daily at the whims of the capitalist state. We have not forgotten Junior Manon, beaten to death by Toronto's 31st station cops but two months ago yesterday.

Police, crown attorneys, corporate media, and most recently, the justice of the peace, have portrayed us as 'masterminds of mayhem, chaos and violence.' They refer to Saturday's expression of rage as 'the gruesome culmination of the fruition of our machinations.' Never do they mention the real perpetrators of 'the trail of carnage that turned Toronto upside down'--Uniformed thugs armed with guns, batons, sound cannons, tasers, and 1.2 billion dollars of other experimental toys of repression. This state-sanctioned mob, with a monopoly on the 'legitimate' use of force have been engaged in the beating, harassing, detaining, disappearing, and sexually assaulting of anyone in the streets fighting injustice, anyone so much as even bearing witness to this struggle on the Toronto streets, all the while they claim to serve and protect.

An aversion to these armed, dangerous and blatantly unaccountable forces of the corporate state has been framed in court in the language of mental disAbility. According to the courts, those who hate cops are engaging in anti-social and mentally unstable behaviours. We find this ludicrous. Hating cops is a perfectly valid and celebrated response to systematic, organized thuggery and repression.

To dissent by any means necessary against the systems that oppress us is not a sign of mental instability. Rather, this dissent is a brief glimpse of sanity in a world clearly gone insane. Building constructive alternatives is of course fundamental, but so too are the acts that tear down all that collaboratively oppress us. Shattered banks and police cars engulfed in flames, far from being a scene of carnage, are truly beautiful things. They mark a crack in the facade, a weakness in the dam that attempts to hold us from bursting through in an expression our overflowing love and rage, waves that nourish our communities in expressions of true freedom.

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper has asserted: "You won't recognized Canada when I get through with it."

We make the same claim. Until we were are all free, none of us are free. The state can neither silence nor stop us. We will subvert the dominant order and the countless systems of oppression on which this order rests.

--The Southern Ontario Anarchist Resistance

p.s. Cupcakes literally refer to baked goods, not incendiary devices. Jokes are neither threats nor actions. Your treatment of this so called evidence makes a mockery of your own system of 'justice'.

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friendly neighbourhood anarchist, rad dad, land defence enthusiast, decolonial digger, radio pirate, indy journalist, systems geographer.

592 words


Thank you for the beautiful statement!

I have been watching SOAR from the sidelines and I am very impressed with all you do and your "unwavering defiance" against all voices who try to silence you. I am proud to support NOII and TCMN. Since the G20 uprising, I can no longer support the NDP and the social democrats as I have in the past. SOAR represents a new age and an effective mode of resistance. Thank you, thank you, thank you for moving people like me away with the tired rhetoric of pacifism and liberal, social democrats. You give me hope. Your courage moves me to tears.

I agree with the the reasons

I agree with the the reasons for your outrage but not your violent and destructive methods to achieve change. As long as you continue to disguise yourselves and use those methods you are perceived as a threat by virtually everyone and will never win the hearts and minds of those you need support from to achieve your goals.

maybe you should

go read rabble, and murray dobbin, and listen to judy rebick and naomi klein... plenty of lefties in your camp. I don't see why you gotta hate on everything posted on this site. if you don't like it, buzz off! 

I see that you are a

I see that you are a supporter of free speech - NOT! I haven't expressed any "hate on everything posted on this site" but you have toward me just because I don't agree with the use of violence and property damage. Consequently, you should follow your own advice, "if you don't like it, buzz off!"

i find you amazing grim.

i find you amazing grim. every post so you seem to be there. even starting a few yourself! clever little fellow: where do you find the time?

so, you agree with the analysis of our situation, but not the "methods" to address it. how can that be? the methods are the same as yours, only plus a little extra. So its this little extra, which is property damage, that is a problem: we should achieve our goals without touching anything (because all infrastructure is fine the way it is)! petition the murders (for they are open to suggestion)! walk in circles around their fortress (it actually leads to a secret entrance)! never, never appear as a threat (because the last thing that leads to change is the perceived possibility of change)!

yes, the last thing we want is to appear as a threat! that would really screw things up wouldn't it? so how about you and i stick to our blogging "guns" and get on with the "real revolution" and hopefully those so-called poor and people of color, those on the streets will pick up their socks next time a beating goes down instead of a brick, get some income, but a computer, connect, and start rallying in a respectable way that isn't so shocking to those hearts and minds that find a bank window breaking shocking but somehow havn't even heard of junior manning.

in conclusion, fuck off.


o my dear gods! a million

o my dear gods! a million apologies: junior manon - not manning.

it is a terrible thing to mispeak the names of the dead.

sorry. rip.

"every post so you seem to be

"every post so you seem to be there.".
I only seem to be everywhere because you are only interested in my posts.

"the methods are the same as yours, only plus a little extra.".
Vive la différence!!

"but somehow havn't even heard of junior manning." Misspelling Junior Manon's name proves your carelessness and ignorance.

"in conclusion, fuck off."
You reached the limit of your ability to communicate.


This is for my friends stuck in the depths of our fucked up justice system. I just got out of the Don jail today after breaching bail conditions and vow to dedicate my life to ending this shit. That prison represents everything that is wrong with our society. I'm currently fucked in the head. I can't wrap my head around the experience I had. I hope you guys can find the strength to persevere through what will likely be a much more traumatizing experience than mine. I want you to know that my heart goes out to you,  and that your unwavering dedication to the destruction of the state gives me hope. You are not alone, as much as these pigs want you to believe it. What I have discovered is that SOAR has many friends in prison, and although many do not share our overarching social view, they share our distaste for the pigs and their assertion of superiority. fuck the state, fuck stephen harper, fuck the police, fuck colonialism, and fuck the murderous bastards who killed Junior Manon. 

cops in SOAR

You say the "state does not represent us". SOAR has been silent on police infiltration into it.

It seems that the state does represent SOAR because a part of SOAR was the state, was it not?

Once again, to what extent wa SOAR infiltrated. How many police agents were involved?

What were their roles in your organization?

Did the police help you develop your politics and strategy? If so, ave you reevaluated the politics that the cops helped implement in your group?

This will not go away. Help clear the air.





 cops infiltrate activist

 cops infiltrate activist organizations. period. it is common knowledge and it's not just SOAR or other obviously anarchist organizations that they infiltrate. show some respect to those who have been entrapped and are facing potential jail time!!! and i dont just mean the folks in T.O., but also many people in the states such as the RNC 8. 


"It seems that the state does represent SOAR because a part of SOAR was the state, was it not?"

by your logic, all of the recent radical protests (WTO, IMF/WB, Olympics, RNC, DNC, FTAA, Anti-War, Environmental Justice, Indigenous sovereignty, etc) WHOM NO DOUBT had infiltrators in any major organizing committees  are 'represented' by the state.  


"have you reevaluated the politics that the cops helped implement in your group?"

what the hell???? quit making insane assumptions!

"but somehow havn't even

"You say the "state does not represent us". SOAR has been silent on police infiltration into it. ..." Very good points and questions. But, as they are anarchists, no one has the authority to speak on behalf of them because there are no leaders/managers (government) in an Anarchy.

SOAR's membership are middle and upper-class, faux anarchists, not representative of the oppressed and aren't supported by the oppressed. After they get over their tantrums they will go on to become Bay Street lawyers, corporate executives, Conservative politicians, corrupt business owners, bankers, stock brokers, real-estate brokers and agents, arrogant social workers, etc.

 GR, you're not a nice

 GR, you're not a nice person. go away.

Since when is "being nice" a

Since when is "being nice" a requirement to comment? Niceness has nothing to do with what happened at the G20. Is violence, destruction of property, a police state, harrassment, physical abuse, arrest, etc. of peaceful protestors, demonstrators and bystanders nice? Is revelling in violence and destruction, as SOAR expressed here, nice?



another $20 for the Legal Defense Fund

oops, I have to send the LDF another $20 (see my comments below). This can get really expensive but it is going to a worthy cause!

The more I read the comments

The more I read the comments from Grim Reaper, the more I realize SOAR is right on target! When someone as venemous as Grim Reaper makes judgements about a group and people he knows so little about, this proves that SOAR is on to something...
Grim Reaper convinced me today to send another $100 to the Legal Defense Fund. Hell, I am going to send $20 for each of his posts this week and encourage others to do the same!

he he he! that's awesome!

he he he! that's awesome! could get expensive though ;)

I love it! I support the

I love it! I support the Legal Defense Fund too. I am very pleased that I've inspired you to generously donate to that organization on my behalf, especially now, when so many need their assistance. Since you are going to send $20 for each of my posts this week, here's another one for you to donate $20 for. Your pledge is inspiring me to write many, many, many, more posts this week to cause you to give more. I hope your "encourage others to do the same!" has inspired others to give as you have pledged. Talk is cheap as are pledges when they aren't honoured, you'd better put your money where your mouth is otherwise you're a liar; not nice but the truth. You can prove that you honoured your pledge by posting your donation receipt(s) on this site.

timvining, in case you don't

timvining, in case you don't know, here's how you can actually donate the money to the G20 Legal Defense Fund. BTW, this counts for another $20 donation.

To donate via PayPal go to: (link is on right hand side). Make sure to put 'G20 legal defence' in the "Add special instructions for the Merchant" section.

Transfer funds or send a cheque c/o OPIRG York:
transit number 00646
institution number 842
account number 3542240

Cheques (payable to OPIRG York, with 'G20 legal defence' on the subject line) can be mailed to:
Toronto Community Mobilization Network
360A Bloor Street W
PO Box 68557
Toronto, ON M5S 1X0

right on SOAR

For me your analysis is right on target and I ain't no yuppie but an old blue coller worker.  Regarding tactics; I make it a practice to not arm chair quarterback such things.  I trust you guys. I wish I was younger.  Thanks for takig such risks for a real better world.  Revolution not reform!

Did the police infiltrators

Did the police infiltrators contribute to SOARS politics and tactics?

It is clear that SOAR had cops in it. What role did these cops play?

No answer yet.

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