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Supreme Court Shortens Sentence of Mapuche Political Prisoners. Does Not Annul the Trial

They will serve up to 14 years in prison. Judges rejected the version of Prosecutor Elgueta. The Hunger Strike Continues.


Freedom for all Mapuche Political Prisoners
Freedom for all Mapuche Political Prisoners
Mapuche Protest June 6th, 2011
Mapuche Protest June 6th, 2011

Santiago, Chile (Radio del Mar) – The Supreme Court only shortened the sentences to the four Mapuche Political Prisoners in annulling part of the sentence, but did not nullify the controversial trial that was carried out in the Cañete Court House. The judges replaced the interpretation of the southern court and dismissed the accusation that prosecutor Mario Elgueta Salinas had suffered attempted homicide as he had alleged, and were deemed to be minor infractions. In this way, the Supreme Court implemented a replacement sentence, which consists of a 3 year conviction for Jonathan Huillical, José Hueneche and Ramon Llanquileo, while Hector Llaitul was convicted to 4 years. However, they are also sentenced under other charges for “robbery” (allegedly stealing lumber from a logging company in southern Chile) where they have been sentenced to 5 and 10 years respectively.

According to a spokesperson of the Supreme Court “part of the Cañete trial has been annulled regarding the charges of attempted homicide to a national prosecutor and assault to specialized police officers.”

The replacement sentence convicts Llanquileo, Hueneche and Huillical “to a maximum 3 year sentence and to Llaitul to a maximum of 4 years for being the authors of the assault to specialized police officers and assault to prosecutor Elgueta.”

“Moreover, the sentence includes the inability to exert their political rights, and inability to exert public office during the duration of conviction.”

The Supreme Court maintained the sentence for “theft with homicide” that the Cañete Court House had defended and thereforeHector Llaitul, who had been sentenced to 10 years for this accusation, will now have to serve 14 years in prison. The other Mapuche Political Prisoners, who were sentenced under the same charge to 5 years, will now have to serve a total of 8 years in prison.

The Hunger Strike Continues

The Supreme Court Ruling was not well received by Mapuche communities and organizations, since the sentence continues to rely on the use of faceless witnesses by the Antiterrorist Law.

Natividad Llanquileo, spokesperson of the Mapuche Political Prisoners manifested her outright rejection to this resolution and indicated that the hunger strike continues and will recur to the international court system.

“This is unacceptable. The persecution and criminalization of our Mapuche Nation has been made clear,” Natividad Llanquileo affirmed while exiting the court house. She called out “to all Mapuche communities to reject this ruling and protest all throughout Wallmapu and to Chilean brother and sisters overseas to continue the protests and demonstrations.”




Nullify the Antiterrorist Trial!

If one is convicted, we are all convicted!!





Distributed by:

The Women’s Coordinating Committee for a Free Wallmapu

WCCC [Toronto]



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